Time Tracking Software for Transportation Companies

Improve productivity with accurate on the go transportation time tracking.

Transportation time tracking essentials

transportation time entries

Time tracking for your transportation business

Time tracker offers flexible time tracking options including weekly timesheets, time cards or timers making it simple for employees to accurately clock their hours. The free mobile apps for iOS and Android allow your employees to track and submit time from anywhere – even offline. And the customizable dashboard will provide you with employee insights for labor costs and work-related expenses.

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geolocation tracking

Know where your team and fleet are at all times

Geolocation and GPS tracking are built-in to Time Tracker so you can see where your team and your vehicles are in real-time. Great for emergency call-outs where you need to send the closest person, it also enables you to identify route inefficiencies and GPS tracking helps to eliminate payroll and billing disputes with each approved time entry having an associated location stamp.

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Ensure shifts are covered and deliveries are on-time

Be more organized and reduce manual tasks by automating your team schedule; managers can see who is scheduled when and where allowing them to easily add a new transportation route or make changes to existing one. And best of all, your employees will be automatically notified of any scheduling changes so you (the manager) can move on to more important things.

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Solving operational inefficiencies in transport and logistics

Integrate Time Tracker with top accounting software for accurate payroll

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