Time Tracking Software for HR: Simplify Employee Payroll

Easily keep accurate records, monitor employee hours and stay compliant with legislation.

Human resources & payroll tracking essentials

Employee Time Clock

Retire your expensive punch clock and add accountability with Time Tracker’s online time clock. Using the time clock kiosk employees can easily clock in, take breaks and clock off using their own unique 4-digit pin. Facial recognition will detect if the entry looks suspicious (buddy punch) and the manager will receive a notification. You can also set time rounding rules so you only pay employees for actual time worked. 

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Complete payroll quickly

Why spend more time on payroll than you have to? Turn tracked time into accurate payroll in a few minutes and stay legally compliant. Admins and managers can monitor hours worked and review, reject, edit and approve employee time submitted. Once time is approved integrate Time Tracker with your connected software, such as QuickBooks or Gusto to run a headache-free payroll.

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Accurate payroll reporting

Keeping an accurate record of employee hours will help improve profitability (you only pay employees for actual time worked), it also safeguards your business against any legal action related to underpayment of employee wages. Our detailed reports allow you to track and monitor overtime as well as expenses. Customize your dashboard for efficiency and gain valuable insights into your teams productivity.

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Tax season is coming: The importance of payroll tax compliance

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"A great solution for employers with employees all over the place! Having the ability to have employees worldwide enter their time quickly and easily keeps A/R as current as possible."

DANIEL, Staff Accountant