Health Care Time Tracking Software: Timesheets, Scheduling & Attendance Tracking

Automate health care employee timekeeping and reduce administration and monitor overtime and shift compliance.

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Easily track health care staff and physician's time

Save hours every month on administrative tasks by efficiently tracking employee time and attendance. Reduce the guesswork with flexible real-time time tracking with timecards, timesheets and timers. Track time on the go if you visit patients in multiple locations with one of our mobile apps. Make clocking in and out easy with our Time Clock Kiosk. Staff use a unique 4-digit pin to clock in and facial detection captures a photo of the person to reduce “buddy punching”.

Online health care scheduling software

Reduce scheduling time by creating and saving daily, weekly, or monthly schedule templates and using the drag and drop feature to make quick changes. Save time and reduce errors by making it simple for employees to request their time-off online and administration to quickly approve or deny requests. All schedule changes will notify the employee by email or within the app, no more missing a shift!

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Overtime alert

Avoid expensive overtime costs

It can be a challenge, especially if staff provides healthcare services at multiple locations or in people’s homes, to know when overtime is occurring. With Time Tracker's health care time tracking, set up overtime hours and get notifications when staff daily or weekly hours limit is reached and reduces the cost of expensive overtime.

Quickly and accurately bill your patients! Upgrade to Time Tracker Premium

Turn tracked time into accurate patient billing in just a few clicks by upgrading to Time Tracker Premium. Reduce the risks of disputes by having accessible patient time records at your fingertips, or give your patient access to their portal. Provide easy online payments and get paid faster!

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Time tracking software for health care professionals

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Health care Time Tracking FAQs

The weekly timesheet allows your employees to easily and quickly enter time in blocks on their desktop or mobile phone. Get rid of paper based or excel sheets time tracking and move time tracking online. Go to Entries > Weekly Timesheets

Ensure that payroll expenses stay within your budget. Automatically view individual employee and team hours daily, weekly, or monthly as they are added. Establish overtime rules and once overtime hours are in effect, overtime hours will appear in red.

Our online health care scheduling software will save you a ton of administration time and is easy to setup and start using the same day. Use saved templates, the drag and drop feature, and notifications to reduce time and errors.


Time Tracking & Scheduling Software for the Healthcare Industry

Integrate with QuickBooks and other top accounting software

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“What I like most about this software is that it helps keep track of your hours, from the time you clock in and out. It works great.”

TACITA H, Mental Health Specialist