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Increase profitability and productivity with accurate online engineer time tracking

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Track time easily with online timesheets and timers

Accurate time tracking has a direct impact on your engineering firms bottom line. With Time Tracker's engineer time tracking software you can track time from any device, anywhere with our free IOS and Android engineer time tracking apps. You can also use our free Outlook calendar app and easily track scheduled meetings. Send out automatic reminders to your team to track their time so no time is lost.

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Improve your team’s productivity

Reduce time theft by always knowing the status of a project; see  who is working on what task, and how much time it is taking them to complete. Run detailed reports against the allotted budget and know when a project is going over budget. Admins can approve or reject time before billing the client.

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Billable vs. non-billable hours

Increase billable utilization rates

Time is money and if your engineering firm’s utilization rate is low (billable hours / total hours) your firm is not as profitable as it should be. With Time Tracker's time tracking software for engineers managers can run detailed business reports or customize the dashboard to have a daily view of critical information to stay on top of key metrics.

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Increase profitability by providing accurate estimates

Stop guesstimating your project estimates, it's costing you money. Easily provide an accurate estimate using insights you’ve gained from previous jobs by running reports on similar projects and costs and profits. Analyze those costs to ensure the new estimate is based on actual time to complete each task.

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Upgrade to Time Tracker Premium and turn tracked time into client invoices in a few clicks

One of the key benefits of tracking time is to be able to easily bill your client. Quickly turn tracked hours into branded invoices and track expenses by upgrading to Time Tracker Premium time and billing software. Be transparent with clients by offering them access to their own client portal. If cashflow is an issue you can now also offer online payments with Stripe and get paid faster.

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Managing Project Delivery

Time-tracking software for engineers allows you to stay on top of project time and expenses to ensure maximum profitability.  

  • Track hours down to the second so you know in real time where you are regarding project budgets. 
  • Know what employees’ tasks are going over their time allotted and why.
  • Manage your business by setting estimates and tracking project progress and time.
  • Run detailed business insights to see if projects are on budget and on time.
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Engineer time tracking essentials for engineering firm

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Why Time Tracking is Important for Your Engineering Firm

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“I like the simplicity of it. I am able to quickly train new hires and there are rarely any follow-up questions on how to use the software. I also love the report generation feature. We do a lot of field reports, and those are sent to the client separately from the billing process. I love being able to export a comprehensive report of what has been billed and comparing it against the reports that have been distributed. That makes staying organized a lot easier for me.”

- Nathan L, Geotechnical Field Manager