Employee time tracking, attendance and schedulling

Payroll time tracking essentials – reduce errors and administration with accurate time tracking.


Simple employee time tracking

Run an efficient payroll and invoice fast.

Save 30+ hours in administration every month and easily keep track of employee time and attendance in seconds:

  • Clock in/out and take breaks with time cards
  • Capture every second worked with timers
  • Add time in blocks with weekly timesheets
  • Free mobile apps for iOS and Android

Approve employee time

Teams track time. You approve.

Easily manage employee time entries from one convenient location before syncing with your payroll and accounting software.

  • Monitor hours worked to avoid unnecessary overtime
  • View 'work week' and 'payroll period'
  • Reject or edit submitted entries before you approve
  • Approve time for one or all employees in seconds

How to improve productivity & profitability with a remote workforce.

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Notifications and alerts

Automate repetitive tasks

Reduce the hassle of having to remind employees to submit their time. Set-up and send automated reminders to staff to track their time or clock-in and out, as well as submit their time for payroll.

Payroll and accounting integrations

Connect your account in less than five minutes

Keeping an accurate record of your workforces’ time is vital but it’s more than just that, timesheets, pay rates, taxes and regulations are all part of managing your payroll. The good news is that Time Tracker by eBillity connects with leading payroll and accounting applications to streamline the process and reduce manual lifting.

All of our integrations are free and you can learn more about them here

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Scheduling essentials

Automate your workforce schedule

When you take your schedule online you will thank yourself and wonder what you might do with all of your spare time, maybe take that vacation you’ve been planning.

  • Approved leave will exclude people from being rostered
  • Changes to the schedule will notify the person and confirm once approved
  • Overtime is avoidable with rules that allow you to avoid over-scheduling
  • Want to enjoy that vacation? Draft your schedule in advance and stay on top of thin
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Leave requests

Make it easy for employees to request time-off

Easily manage employee (paid and unpaid) time-off requests with your Time Tracker account. When employees requested time-off a notification is sent to their manager (admin) who can approve or reject the request. Easily create time-off codes to track hours based on sick leave, vacation days, stat holidays, and more.

Time off

Team communication and wellbeing

Pre-login screening and announcements

Manage the wellbeing of your workforce with pre-login questions. When your team members log in they will be prompted to answer questions that have been custom made by you the administrator. If they answer correctly they will be able to proceed and track time.

Alternatively, you can select to add a pre-login announcement. This is perfect to communicate with your team about holiday closure dates, new employees starting, or maybe even a new project you have just won.

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