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“I’ve been using 'Time Tracker since 2017 to manage my team's hours. It makes my life easier; I no longer have to approve paper timesheets and I'm saving money by running a more accurate payroll.”
Gordan Donald , Restaurant Owner, Latitude 88

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Mobile time tracking

Capture time wherever you are.

Time Tracker's free apps for iOS and Android allow employees to track time from virtually anywhere!*

  • Capture time with timers
  • Teams can submit time entries for approval
  • Work offline and sync when you reconnect
  • Admins can review submitted time entries
  • Create clients and projects in seconds

*not yet tested in space

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Make every second count

With Time Tracker you can quickly capture every second worked in just one click – track time against clients and activity type, mark the entry as billable or non-billable and add a brief description of the work completed.

You can also manage multiple timers, so when the phone rings (and you know it will) you can easily start a second timer in less than one second.

TIP: When you start a new timer the other will automatically pause.

Add time manually with weekly timesheets

Our time tracking software allows teams to manually add their time in blocks with weekly timesheets. 

  • Add time day-by-day or at the end of the week
  • Copy and edit previous timesheets
  • Mark each entry as billable or non-billable time
  • Turn auto-save on to capture data as you go
  • Admins can filter to view by team member

Time cards are coming soon

Q1 Release 2019

The soon to be released timecards will allow employees to easily clock in and out of their shifts, take a scheduled (paid or unpaid) break and switch between projects, clients, and tasks more efficiently.

  • Automatically categorizes overtime and double time based on thresholds you set
  • Triggers a notification when an employee exceeds the set threshold
  • Round time up or down 
  • Track (paid and unpaid) breaks and alert employees when their break is almost over
  • Allow employees to clock-in and out using the Time Clock Kiosk with facial recognition

Geolocation tracking

Ideal for a team on the move

Know where your employees are in real-time and keep your business organized and on track with GPS tracking. Easily map employee time entries so you can see who is on the clock, verify locations, routes and travel times, and safeguard your company against time theft.

  • Easily identify route inefficiencies when going from A to B
  • Send the nearest employee to an emergency call out
  • Avoid payroll disputes when you know your employee's location
  • Build trust with your team by adding accountability safeguards that benefit everyone


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Pricing starts at


per user/month + base fee

Approve team time entries

Sync with your software in just one click

With eBillity’s time tracking software, teams track time from anywhere and submit their entries for admin approval. Submitted entries appear on the admin’s dashboard where they can be edited, rejected for improvement, or approved. Approved time entries automatically sync with your accounting and payroll software (if enabled).

For larger teams, you can assign the role of admin to more than one person, so your managers or supervisors (for example) can review and approve their own team’s time entries.

Detailed reporting insights

Learn where time goes

Discover where time goes with eBillity's time tracking software. Generate reports to see your most productive employees, see who's logged the most time and identify where time is being lost.  You can also:

  • Export reports into nine different formats
  • Edit line items within the report and the changes save automatically and the report will regenerate itself
  • Save selected filters for repetitive reporting use
  • Activate auto-reporting to generate a report (and email to anyone) based on rules you set. For example, you can send all employee time entry reports on the first day of every month

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Time Tracker has an open API so you can integrate with any software your company uses for payroll, expense tracking, and accounting.

If in doubt, contact a product specialist and we’ll work with you to scope the requirements for a full integration. In the meantime, if you use ADP, Gusto, Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, ReckonMYOB or Concur you can connect and sync with a free Time Tracker trial today!

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