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“I’ve been using Time Tracker to manage my employee's timesheets. It makes my life easier, I save hours every month, and my payroll is spot on!”
Gordan Donald , Restaurant Owner, Latitude 88

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Time tracking essentials

Track time, approve timesheets, and generate reports.

Time Tracking Software

Flexible and secure time tracking
Enjoy the flexibility of tracking time from your mobile, tablet, and laptop. Try our free iOS and Android mobile apps or try our desktop app that allows you to work offline. Enter time directly from our Outlook add-in too – tracking time has never been this simple!

With Time Tracker your account works across multiple devices in real-time – start a timer on your laptop and stop it on your mobile. We're also connected to the cloud so all of your data is backed up and secure.

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Time tracking at your fingertips

Convenient tracking options.

Single time entries

Easily start a timer from any device in one click – expand to add a client, service item and description.


Multi-timers increase efficiency on the days when priorities continuously shift – run as many as you like!

Weekly timesheets

If your day is a little more organized weekly timesheets are for you – easily add your time in blocks.

Manage your team with geolocation

Increase productivity and profitability.

Essential for a mobile team
Know where your employees are and keep your business organized and on track with geolocation
. Easily map time entries so you can see who worked where, verify locations, routes and travel times and safeguard your company against time theft.

  • Reduce lost time getting from A-B
  • Easily identify route inefficiencies
  • Avoid invoice disputes by being able to show proof of your employee's location at time of billing.

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Work closer with your team

Timesheet approval workflow that works.

Manage team entries from your dashboard
Teams track time from anywhere and submit entries for admin approval. All entries appear on the admins dashboard where they can be edited, rejected for improvement, or approved for payroll and invoicing.

For larger teams, you can assign the role of admin to more than one person, so your Managers (for example) can review and approve their own teams time entries. 

When the admin approves the time entry, it will automatically sync to your accounting or payroll software (if enabled).

Time tracking entries

Start Tracking Time

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Time management tools

Work smarter and more efficiently.

Gentle reminders and team messages
Keep your team on track with email time entry reminders, task assignments, internal messaging and more.

Set roles for different employees
Build teams for different clients or projects and make your bookkeeper or manager the admin, and control which clients your vendors and contractors can see.

Monitor employee time activity
Keep track of how many hours employees spend on different tasks and get a quick snapshot of all pending, submitted, and approved time entries.

Set Permissions for privacy
Manage permissions to protect confidential company information. Visibility settings determine how much or little your employees can see.

Time entry reminders

Time entry reminders

Team Messaging

Team messaging

Time entry approval

Time entry approvals

Time tracking role permissions

Roles & permissions

Employee time logged

Detailed insights

Understand your team’s productivity.

Discover your most productive employees
Instantly see which employees have logged the most time, view entries by week or month and know where your employees have spent their time. 

Our auto-reporting feature allows you to generate and email any report based on rules you set. For example you can send all user time entry reports on the first of every month to an admin.

Want to track expenses and bill for your time?

Connect your account

Sync with one-click.

Don’t see your software here? Don’t worry! Use our free API to automatically pull clients and time entries into your internal system.

Support is always free!

At eBillity support is always free, so is your account set up. Our team of product specialists are here to help you throughout the onboarding process and during the lifetime of your subscription!

Track time conveniently

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