Employee time and attendance tracking

Reduce your administration and increase profitability when you automate your time tracking.

Track time from anywhere!

Free mobile apps with every account.

Employee time and attendance tracking software, accessible from any device, anywhere – even offline! All you need is a WiFi connection and you’re ready to track and submit time entries. Every account includes free mobile apps for iOS and Android so you’ll never miss another minute.

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employee time and attendance tracking software

Easily manage employee time

Run an efficient payroll and invoice fast.

Save 30+ hours in administration every month and easily keep track of employee time and attendance in seconds:

  • Clock in/out and take breaks with time cards
  • Capture every second worked with timers
  • Add time in blocks with weekly timesheets
  • Approve employee time entries in 2 clicks

Know where your employees really are when they're On The Clock

Keep track of employee time and attendance with GPS tracking

Know the status of your employees at a glance so you can make quick business decisions that could save you time and money:

  • Emergency call out? No problem, quickly locate your nearest employee
  • Identify route inefficiencies and make improvements to your plan
  • Avoid payroll and billing disputes when you can provide proof
  • Build trust by adding accountability safeguards that benefit everyone

Pricing starts at


per user/month + base fee

Time Tracker takes care of administration too

Stop chasing employees for their timesheets and put your calculator away!

Overtime calculations
Automatically calculate employee rates including overtime and double time

Single entry timer

Time rounding
Create time rounding rules; record an 8:52am clock in as a 9:00am start

Submit time notification

Time entry reminders
Automatically send employees reminders to submit their timesheets

Break alert

Break alerts
Send alerts to employees when their break is coming to an end

Time tracking role permissions

Team visibility
Manage employee permissions to protect confidential information


Approval hierarchy
Allow supervisors access to approve their own teams time entries

Online time clock kiosk

Say goodbye to expensive punch clocks

Is your business still using a traditional punch clock? Our employee time and attendance tracking software offers an affordable and easy to use solution that won't break the budget, all you need is a tablet, internet connection and you're ready-set-go!

  • Employees login in using a unique 4-digit pin
  • Facial detection captures a photo of the person
  • The manager is notified if a buddy punch occurs
  • Set up as many kiosk locations as you need

Available for iPads, Android and Amazon Fire HD8 tablets

Keep your business organized with time entry approvals

Teams track time. You approve.

Easily manage employee time entries from one convenient location; edit, reject for improvement or approve before syncing to your payroll and accounting software.

  • View all employee hours worked from one screen
  • Monitor all time tracked to avoid unnecessary overtime
  • See who your most productive employees are
  • Switch your view between 'work week' and 'payroll period'
  • Approve entries for one or all employees in just 2 clicks

Know where time goes

With Time Tracker's live reports.

Our employee time and attendance tracking software offer's valuable insights with live, and editable reports:

  • Export reports into nine different formats
  • Edit line items and the report will automatically regenerate itself
  • Save selected filters for repetitive reporting use
  • Generate time and attendance reports to estimate labor costs
  • Send reports automatically based on rules e.g email Monday's at 11am

Free 14-day trial

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“With the help of this application, we know the exact time we spent on our work. I know my time for each and every project and it’s easy to use and very accurate for everyone.


Customer Service Representative
“I love that it’s a simple app that can be accessed anywhere you have internet. The autosave feature is also really great to have and has saved me a ton of times in the past and it makes payroll a breeze.

Jose M

Social Media Director
“Time tracker is a wonderful tool that makes it easy to track project hours. What makes it extremely effective in the workplace is that it’s web-based and really easy to use. Compared to other pieces of software, time tracker is definitely the easiest to integrate.


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