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LawBillity, formerly Time Tracker +Legal, for lawyer time tracking will save your firm up to 30+ hours a month in admin and increase revenue by up to 20%

lawbillity time tracker for lawyers

Lawyers love mobility

Free mobile and web apps.

Every lawyer LawBillity account includes free mobile apps for iOS and Android. Enjoy the convenience of tracking time for matters on the go with built-in legal features to help law firms accurately track time and expenses for billing.

  • Conflict checker
  • Trust accounts
  • LEDES & LSS invoice formats
  • Realization reports
  • UTBMS patent billing codes

Use our free Windows 10 desktop app to work offline - data syncs as soon as the device reconnects to the internet.

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Track time against matters

Lawyer time tracking for accurate client billing.


Start a timer in less than one second: before you save the entry add a client, assign a service item, write a description (optional) and mark as billable or non-billable.


Add time manually with weekly timesheet - input time entries for multiple clients and matters over multiple days.


Shifting priorities? Track time against two or more matters with multi-timers. An active timer will automatically pause as soon as a new timer is started.

Pricing starts at


per user/month with an annual subscription

Expense tracking

Track legal expenses from anywhere. You can even upload receipts on the fly via our mobile apps.

  • Take a photo of your receipt and upload it to an expense entry
  • Attach images of receipts to your invoices
  • Edit and approve expense entries before billing your clients
  • Create customizable expense types in seconds
  • Mark expenses as non-billable or billable and add markups if desired
  • Generate reports to see what expenses need to be reimbursed
lawbillity lawyer expenses

Designed for law firms

Our lawyer time and billing software makes invoicing simple.

Invoice clients and receive prompt online payments
A recent legal trends report indicates that clients want electronic payment options and the ability to check online the number of hours spent on their case at any given moment. 50% of clients who've dealt with a legal issue in the past two years are more likely to hire a lawyer who takes electronic payments.

Trust Accounts
Apply payments to your invoices from trust accounts which are easily managed inside of LawBillity. You can also invite your clients to login and view balances for each trust.

Legal invoicing format
Export your invoices in either LEDES or LSS formats, for easy import into other systems.

Payment processing
Receive online payments instantly when you connect LawPay and/or setup ACH electronic payments. Payment links are automatically added to your invoices.

Branded client portal
Clients can login to your branded client portal to view work, outstanding invoices, and pay bills online.

aba codes

ABA Codes

Every LawBillity account includes pre-loaded UTBMS codes to facilitate analysis of legal work and expenses.

Billing conflict checker

Conflict Checker

Ensure there are no conflicting clients or matters in the system before you bill your clients.

Time tracking reports

Realization Reports

Who is bringing in the business? Quickly generate realization reports to monitor your legal team's productivity.

Time Tracking for Lawyers FAQs

You can use either timesheets or timers to track your time easily. The weekly timesheet allows you to enter time in blocks. Or you can run a timer or multiple timers both on your desktop and through our mobile app. Go to Entries > Weekly Timesheets or Go to Create > Time Entry

LawBillity gives you the power to bill clients with customizable payment terms, branded invoices, and include detailed descriptions of work done, all within seconds. Tracking time makes it easy to send out client invoices in only a few minutes through Time Tracker. You can generate invoices and receive payments from our mobile app too! Go to Create New > Invoice

LawBillity law firm time and billing software starts as low as $24usd per user/month with our 20% off annual pricing. Every LawBillity also includes a free LawPay subscription a $20/month savings.

Capture all the minutes with LawBillity

14-day free trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Integrations & Apps

Integrate LawBillity with QuickBooks and Invoice Tracker, use our free apps for iOS, Android and integrations with Windows 10 and LawPay.