Track time and expenses for client billing

Increase revenue and improve efficiency.

mobile time tracking

Be mobile with +Billing

Free apps for iOS and Android with every account.

With Time Tracker's +Billing account you're able to manage your business from anywhere – even offline. Every account includes:

  • Timers to capture every second
  • Track expenses and upload receipt images to invoices
  • Edit and approve team time and expense entries
  • Create, view and send client invoices
  • Process payments online with Stripe

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Capture every second

With timers.

Increase revenue by up to 20% when you track every second worked

  • Start, stop and pause timers
  • Switch between projects, activities and clients
  • Mark time entries as billable or non-billable
  • Enter your hourly billing rate or add a flat fee
  • Flag the time entry as standard or overtime
  • Option to add the time entry to an invoice

You can also manage multiple timers, so when the phone rings (and you know it will) you can easily start a new timer in an instant.

TIP: When you start a new timer the other will automatically pause. Run as many as you need.

Weekly timesheets

Add time manually.

Our weekly timesheets allow employees to enter time manually:

  • Add time day-by-day or in blocks at the end of the week
  • Copy and edit previous timesheets
  • Mark each entry as billable or non-billable time
  • Turn auto-save on to record data as you add entries
  • Admins can filter their view by person

My daily entries

Manage timers with timesheets.

Be an efficiency machine with daily time entries. Two essential time tracking features combined – timers in a timesheet!

Manage multiple client projects, activities and descriptions from one convenient location. Mark line items as billable or non-billable and set time rounding to elapsed time.

Approve time and
expense entries

Send accurate client invoices

Submitted time and expense entries appear on the admin’s dashboard for review; once approved the entries will automatically sync with your accounting and payroll software (if enabled).

For larger teams, you can assign your managers or supervisors (for example) the role of admin so they can review and approve their own team’s entries.

Admin approvals

Pricing starts at


per user/month + base fee

Geolocation tracking

Ideal for a team on the move.

Know where your employees are and keep your business organized and on track with geolocation tracking. Map time entries, verify locations, routes and travel times, and safeguard your company against time theft.

  • Know where your employees are when they clock time
  • Easily identify route inefficiencies when going from A to B
  • Avoid invoice disputes by showing your concerned client proof of the mapped entry
  • Build trust and add accountability safeguards that benefit everyone

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Keep track of expenses

Attach receipts to an invoice.

Don't get buried in a pile of receipts, or worse, lose them! With our time tracking software, it's simple to stay on top of business expenses. 

  • Upload receipt images from your mobile; add to invoices (optional)
  • Preloaded and customizable expense categories
  • Mark as non-billable or billable, add markups (optional) and add a brief description before invoicing
  • Generate expense reports to monitor reimbursements 
  • Add expenses in batches and save even more time
Expense tracking

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Generate invoices

Create a professional and customizable invoice in seconds, or enter invoices in batches, and sync them with your accounting software.

Manage invoices

Edits any line entry in an invoice and it will automatically save. You can also review, email and reconcile invoices from any device.

Receive online payments

Connect Stripe to accept online payments instantly, links are automatically added to your invoices making it simple for your clients to make payment.

Register for Stripe to receive instant online payments.

Stripe is the best way to accept payments online and in mobile apps, they handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

Register your Stripe account and start accepting online payments in less than 10 minutes. Similar to Paypal, Stripe allows your business to accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country.  You can also use 3D Secure for any payment, or go beyond credit cards and support global payment methods, such as WeChat Pay and Alipay.

Sign up for your free Time Tracker + Billing trial today, register to Stripe and receive instant online payment for your invoices.

Send branded invoices

Bill from anywhere

Send branded invoices from your desktop, tablet and mobile device and get paid faster.

Pay bills online

Client portal

Clients can login to view completed work, outstanding invoices and pay bills online.

create online invoice

Customizable settings

Create invoice payment terms, select a currency and apply late fees to invoices.

Detailed reports

Know what makes your business tick.

See what’s working
We’ve made it easy for you to track how much time has been logged for each customer, and which customers are making you the most money.

Discover your most productive employees
Instantly see which employees have logged time, view billable and non-billable entries and learn which employees are your most productive.

Track time spent on each customer
Our customer entry reports will allow you to quickly see the customers making—or costing you—the most money.

Increase time entry compliance
Send automatic time entry reminders. You can choose to send them to your entire team, vendors, or to just one employee.

Auto reporting
Our auto-reporting feature allows you to generate and email any report based on rules you set. For example, you can send all user time entry reports on the 1st of every month to an admin.

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“Time Tracker allows you to easily track time, expenses, and more. The +Billing account makes it super easy to send invoices from any device.


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“Managing time has never been easier! This software helps me track how much time I spend on projects and the expense tracking features means it's going to be a breeze when tax time comes around.


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“The software’s integration with QuickBooks has been incredibly seamless. Time is downloaded monthly into QB and invoices are generated simply. The ability to enter time from any web browser, and not have to go directly into QB to enter time, has made the security of our database much stronger and has minimized the need for the number of QB licenses.


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