Shifting to a work from home workforce?

Time Tracker can help.

A remote workforce can be more profitable

In the last few weeks, the Coronavirus has sent many businesses into a last-minute rush to figure out how they can stay afloat. During this period of uncertainty, many businesses are being forced to move their employees to a remote working environment.

Although remote working might not be ideal for some, it can be beneficial and with the right setup, it may boost productivity and be a more profitable model.

  • Remote workers are 57% more satisfied with their jobs
  • In 2015, employers saved $44 billion by allowing their employees to work remotely
  • Organizations that allow remote work report a 25% decrease in turnover rates

Take care of your team

Time Tracking software offers many benefits for a business operating with remote employees. From avoiding payroll and billing disputes to ensuring your team stays connected and engaged with features like team messaging.  Timesheet apps also have online schedules that allow you to evenly allocate shifts amongst your employees so all of your team receive an income.

Extended 30-day trial

At eBillity we understand the financial worry Coronavirus has on the business community and would like to offer you an extended 30-day trial of Time Tracker to make your transition to a remote workforce easier, without the initial upfront cost. Download our guide for managing a remote workforce and redeem the promo code.

Download our remote working guide

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