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Save hours in administration

Seamless integration for faster billing and payroll.

Manage your business on the go with our suite of web and mobile apps designed to make time tracking more simple.

Easily manage timesheets, expenses, invoices, and more – start running your business more efficiently with Sage and Time Tracker. Connect your two accounts in less than five minutes and sync data in just one click!

Time Tracker
Payroll tracking for Sage

Make payroll simple again

Your team tracks time, you approve timesheets.

With Time Tracker, your employees can track time from anywhere and submit timesheets for approval. Then, admin can review, edit, reject for resubmission or approve from the comfort of their own dashboard. Approved time entries easily sync with Sage for paperless payroll.

Here’s how it works:

  • Connect and sync your two accounts
  • Invite your team to track and submit time
  • The admin edits, rejects or approves entries
  • Timesheets are synced with Sage for payroll

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How do you track time?

Flexible tracking options to help you capture time conveniently.

Single entry timer

Single time entries

Our real time data sync allows employees to track time on one device and stop it on another.

Multi-timer for time tracking


Be more productive with multi-timers. Quickly move between timers fast as your priorities shift.

Weekly timesheet tracking

Weekly timesheets

Working to a schedule? Enter your week in blocks of time with weekly timesheets.

Fast and easy invoicing

Everything you need in one place.

Easily turn employee time and expense entries into beautifully branded invoices in just four clicks. When you connect your Sage account you’re able to sync your clients, billing activities and expense activities into Time Tracker.

Here’s what happens next:

  • Employees track time and upload expenses from anywhere
  • The admin reviews, edits and approves timesheet entries
  • In four clicks entries are turned into invoices in Time Tracker
  • One more click to sync and your invoice is now in Sage! 

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Two-way sync time tracking

Connected to the Cloud

Secure cloud and mobile access to business information

Global time zones

Global workforce

Multiple currencies, global time zones, and multilingual

Flexible settings

Set teams roles and permissions, and configure settings for your industry

Privacy commitment

GDPR and pivacy shield compliance commitment

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Take control of time and be more productive

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Time and billing software

Safe and secure tracking

We've got you covered!

Secure backups
Time Tracker is securely connected to the cloud and runs automatic backups. If you lose internet connection, your entries automatically sync to your account once your device is back online.

It’s a small world afterall
Time Tracker supports multiple currencies and global time zones, it also speaks three languages – English, German and Spanish – your employees are able to track time in one language and you can receive it in another.

“Best time tracking software out there, and I’ve tried many!” LESLIE WRIGHT

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Mobile time tracking

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