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Time tracking for payroll, billing, and productivity.

As a growing company you require a more robust accounting software and financial management solution which is why you are using Sage Intacct. Add on Time Tracker to achieve more accurate results, pay employees for hours worked or invoice clients for every billable second.

Connect the two accounts in just one click! 
When you connect your two accounts they work like one bringing your employees, time, clients, expenses and projects together. In just one click your data syncs automatically between Time Tracker and Sage Intacct accounting software.

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Not using Sage Intacct?

Are you outgrowing your current financial solution and looking to scale your business? If so, then you should consider Sage Intacct. With Sage Intacct you are able to automate many of the financial processes involved in running a business, reduce financial errors and improve efficiency with less data entry allowing you to significantly reduce monthly close times. Sage Intacct also has a proven record of increasing cashflow by slashing overdue A/R by 60%!

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Flexible time tracking options

How does your business track time?

Mobile time tracking
Time Tracker's free apps for iOS and Android allow employees to track time from virtually anywhere. Clock in/out with time cards or capture every second with timers. Work offline and sync when you are back online.

Time cards
Employees can clock in/out, take breaks (paid or unpaid) and switch between projects and clients (optional). Admins can monitor employee hours, set break alerts, and set time thresholds for overtime.

Track every second and easily switch between projects, activities and clients. Do you switch frequently between different clients? Use multiple timers to switch back and forth.

Use timesheets to add time day-by-day or in blocks at the end of the week and mark each entry as billable or non-billable.

Admin approvals
Submitted entries appear on the admin’s dashboard where they can be edited, rejected for improvement, or approved. Sync approved entries with Sage Intacct for easy payroll and/or billing.

GPS tracking
See Who is on the Clock in real-time and easily map employee time entries to verify locations, routes and travel times.

Time clock kiosk (requires time cards)
Allows employees to clock in/out of their shift and take breaks using a unique 4-digit PIN code. The employee code can be used across multiple locations to identify the person and track their time.

Insight reports
Gain valuable insights and automate your reporting. Save selected filters and activate auto-reporting to generate a report (and email to anyone) based on rules you set.

ADP® specialist, Joe Daee

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Getting started is simple

Setup your free trial of Time Tracker

In Time Tracker click on Projects > More > Integrations > (select) Sage. Click on the button Integrate with Sage. You will be asked to connect with Sage, click to connect.

Download and install the Sage Connector. Open the Sage Connector and enter your Time Tracker username and password.

Select your firm if you have more than one firm then set your default accounts.

Click the Sync button in the Sage Connector to import your employees, projects and payroll items into Time Tracker and you're ready to go!

Two-way sync time tracking


After you connect Time Tracker to Sage Intacct, Time Tracker will automatically send all of your approved time entries into Sage Intacct. If you add a new customer or item in Sage Intacct, this will conveniently appear in Time Tracker so that you can enter time under it.

Sync invoices

Real-time data sync
Seamless integration for faster billing and payroll

Privacy commitment
GDPR and EU-US Privacy Shield Compliant

Secure 256-bit encryption
Cloud and mobile access to business information

Multiple currencies

Global workforce
Multiple currencies and global time zones

Increase profitability and see ROI fast

We offer competitive rates and volume discounts so if you have more than 50 users email to discuss your options.

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Included in every plan

  • Free 24 hour unlimited support
  • Secure automated backups
  • Free mobile apps
  • Free desktop apps
  • Free web app integrations
  • Free software integrations
“With the help of this application, we know the exact time we spent on our work. I know my time for each and every project and it’s easy to use and very accurate for everyone.


Customer Service Representative
“Great integrations! Time Tracker by eBillity is great for tracking time with other software. You can enter time from multiple devices, and it can auto-sync to Quickbooks and SAP Concur. Time Tracker is great if you’re looking to save time spent on admin getting time entries from one software into your accounting platform.


IT Industrial Automation
“Time Tracker has allowed all of our offices across the country to enter time for billing in one concise format which makes not only billing simpler but also the task of tracking time simpler. The integrations saves our team a huge amount of time and we no longer use spreadsheets.


Civil Engineer