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Retail time tracking essentials

Retail time and attendance is easy with a Time Clock Kiosk

The time clock allows your retail employees to clock-in, take breaks and clock out at different locations using their own unique 4-digit pin. The employees' picture will be taken and facial recognition will detect if the login looks suspicious and an email will be sent to the manager. Eliminate time theft and buddy punching with Time Trackers Time Clock Kiosk.

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Simple online scheduling with automatic notifications

Move your retail schedule online and save hours in administration. Easily set up daily, weekly and monthly schedules fast – copy last week’s schedule or use predetermined templates. Avoid OT before it occurs and evenly share shifts amongst the team. Best of all, employees are sent automatic notifications when the schedule has changed so no one will miss a shift again.

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Valuable retail business insights with detailed reports

Use retail time and attendance software to manage employee time, labor costs, forecasting and more with Time Trackers customizable dashboard. All the information you need is in one centralized location, you can easily approve timesheets, monitor overtime hours, review monthly payroll costs and more. Information is displayed with intuitive graphs and you can also generate live (and editable) reports. 

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Retail Time Tracking FAQs

Keeping up with employee time is a huge undertaking and takes up a great amount of time during the week. Using retail time and attendance software to automatically keep track of employee time can save retail managers over 30 hours per month!

Yes, you can run detailed hours reports or setup daily time reports by employee right on the dashboard. Establish overtime rules and once overtime hours are in effect, overtime hours will appear in red.

Our retail scheduling software is good for any business but is especially great for retail businesses with multiple employees and locations. Take the pain out of scheduling by moving it online and save hours in administration.


10 time management tips every retailer needs to know

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"This makes payroll seamless! Time Tracker is by far one of the easiest pieces of software I've ever had to train new team leads on to do payroll and track their team's work time. The interface is so easy, and customer service is immediate and proficient when it comes to any issues."

TIFFANY, Executive Assistant