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Two-way Reckon integration

Get paid for the time you work

Don't lose another minute.

Reduce the guesstimates and get paid for actual time worked, not the time you think you might have worked!

With our two-way integration your Time Tracker and Reckon Accounts solution work together like one – bringing your time and expenses together with your payroll and accounting. Efficiency has never been so simple. 

Enjoy the freedom to track and bill time from anywhere

Send client invoices as soon as you’ve completed the job.

When you connect Reckon with Time Tracker you’re taking matters into your own hands. 

  1. Instantly start a timer when you arrive at your work site
  2. Stop the timer when you’ve completed the job
  3. Attach your time entry plus any expenses to your client profile
  4. Add in the details of the completed job
  5. Generate an invoice in just four clicks
  6. Sync your Time Tracker invoice with Reckon and send

Don’t wait for the weekend to do your invoicing. Track time, upload expenses and generate invoices in less than 5 minutes.

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Two-way sync time tracking

With Time Tracker and Reckon, your client will have your invoice in their inbox before you’ve even left their location!

Time tracking for payroll, too

Easy-to-use employee time tracking.

Give your team the freedom to track time from anywhere and say goodbye to data entry and paper timesheets!  Employees track time, the admin approves and just like that you’re running payroll more efficiently.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Sync your employees and payroll items to Time Tracker
  2. Invite employees to track time from anywhere
  3. Review submitted entries and reject, edit or approve
  4. Sync timesheets with Reckon in a single click

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Time Tracker

Make every second count

Keep track of your time.

Reckon Desktop to Time Tracker

Reckon Accounts Desktop: Connect your account and import your employees, customers and service items from Reckon Accounts Desktop to Time Tracker. Then, sync your timesheets and expense entries back to Reckon Accounts Desktop in just a few clicks.

Use Time Tracker to create branded invoices and process credit card payments. Then, sync your invoices, payments and credit adjustments back to Reckon Accounts Desktop.

Reckon Accounts Hosted: It takes less than five minutes to import your company file from Reckon Accounts Hosted into Time Tracker.

From your company file, Time Tracker will automatically import your employees, customers and service items.

Say goodbye to manual time and expense entries – forever!

Get paid what you’re worth!

Free 30-day trial. No credit card needed. No strings attached.

“Time Tracker allows me to streamline my business. By syncing my Reckon data I can manage my financials, complete payroll and bill for my time and expenses.” JOHN PEPPAS, Business Consultants

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