Intuit QuickBooks time tracking add-on

Easily manage employee time and attendance from any device, anywhere.

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Essential for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

Extend your QuickBooks time tracking capabilities with eBillity. When you connect your two accounts they work together like one - add a new employee, client or project, to one platform, sync, and just like that the information is added to the other account.

Time Tracking Software

Time tracking at your fingertips

Flexible and reliable time tracking.

Easily track time from any device using our single time entries, multi-timers and weekly timesheets. Enjoy flexible time and expense tracking options for iOS, Android, Outlook and offline - and enjoy the benefits of automated syncs between your devices and real-time secure backups to the cloud.

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Sync approved time entries

With your Intuit QuickBooks account.

Your employees and 1099 vendors will be able to track time from any location using eBillity's QuickBooks time tracking add-on. The admin gets to review submitted employee entries, once approved, all your expense, time and payment entries sync to QuickBooks for invoicing, reports, and payroll.

QuickBooks time tracking by eBillity
Time and billing

It's easy to generate invoices

4 clicks from start to finish.

Employee time and expense entries can be used for client billing. Generate professional, customizable invoices right inside your Time Tracker account in just 4 clicks!

Receive instant online payments with Stripe, or give your customers the flexibility to view and pay invoices online with your secure client portal.

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Connection is fast. Tracking is simple.

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Do even more with your time

Classes, 1099 vendors, and reports

Get an accurate understanding of your team's time and productivity. Class tracking in QuickBooks is simple. You can easily conduct job costing. And you'll see a weekly report of your team's time, showing you the employees and customers making you the most money.

"Time Tracker saves me a boatload of time because I don't have to do the individual entries in QuickBooks in order to run payroll. It also provides a better sense of accuracy because employees can make entries real-time, as opposed to scrambling each Monday to remember what they did the previous week.


Austin TX


"Time Tracker makes time tracking a snap with its QuickBooks plug-in for me administratively, and the use of mobile apps for my staff. What was hours completing, now is done in minutes. Thank you.

Convenient time tracking

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