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Connect your Paychex flex account with Time Tracker and achieve more in less time.

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Time Tracking for Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex is an award-winning service and integrated HR & Payroll technology with 200+ compliance experts and 600+ HR professionals, with an average of eight years training and expertise. Time Tracker integrates with Paychex Flex to help businesses track and manage their workforce (paid and unpaid) hours, schedule and attendance.

Why choose Time Tracker for Paychex Flex?

At eBillity we understand that keeping track of employee hours can be painful, the constant headache of reminding your team to log their hours so that you can increase your billables, run an accurate payroll and remove the guesswork from invoicing can be exhausting – but it doesn’t have to be.

With Time Tracker for Paychex Flex you’re able to automate your workforce’s administrative tasks with alerts, reminders, and automated calculations that remove human error and save thousands in avoidable overtime. Your employees and contractors can also:

  • Conveniently track time from any device 
  • Log hours with time cards and timesheets
  • Submit leave requests 
  • And log expenses (premium account)

As an account admin or manager you will have access to:

  • Time entry, expense and leave approvals 
  • GPS and geolocation real-time workforce tracking
  • Announcements and a health check questionnaire (prior to log in)
  • Online scheduling with real-time updates and change notifications
  • Plus a whole lot more!
Time Tracker for Paychex Flex (Desktop, iPad, iPhone)
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How it works

When you connect your two accounts information will be shared, immediately reducing time spent on admin and data entry. The two-way sync will share employees data between the applications, send time to Paychex Flex, and in return Time Tracker will receive all hourly compensation rates and contractor information.

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Get started

Log in to your Time Tracker account, or start a free trial today

From the menu click MORE > Integrations and select Paychex. Follow the instructions to connect your accounts.

Once you have completed the connection you will see Paychex appear in the menu and you can finish the set up by syncing the data

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Awards and reviews

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“I like the simplicity of this employee time tracking software. Its interface is organized and easy to understand. Using it, we are able to allocate time and deadlines to various departments in the workplace, which boosts productivity."

Ryann McQuarrie

MD, Bully inc.
"Timetracking made easy. The best feature is the extension for Chrome, which makes it easy to transfer calendar entries into timesheets with description."
Jeannette Headshot for Testimonial

Jeannette D.

Director of Resilience and Adaptation
"Succinct Time System. Like the ease of use for all members in mid-size Construction/Engineering Firm."
Elizabeth Headshot

Elizabeth E.

Marketing and Proposal Coordinator


Try eBillity's time tracking software free for 14 days and if you like us stay for as little as $7.20 per user/month + $12 base fee/month with annual subscription