The App Direct Marketplace offers products like Time Tracker speed to market, low cost of ownership, and ability to scale. Allowing technology the ability to; find, buy, and manage software apps they need in the cloud.

Fundbox is a company that provides cash advances for small business owners with unpaid invoices. Funds are easy to pay back—no hidden fees. If you need a hand with overcoming cash flow gaps, our new integration with Fundbox can help.

Right Networks hosts your QuickBooks Desktop software in the cloud so you can work from anywhere. Intuit predicts 78% of small businesses will be running their entire business in the cloud by 2020!

Stripe is a payment gateway similar to PayPal, but with more features and lower fees.It only takes a few minutes to setup your Stripe account and, unlike other payment solutions, there are no hidden fees.

eBillity has partnered with The Hartford to offer customized small business insurance. Receive instant online quotes through your Time Tracker account. Login and click on ‘More’ to request a quote for Workers Compensation or a Business Owners Policy.

Firm Central Time & Billing was created by eBillity for Thomson Reuters. A cloud-based legal billing software designed for small law firms. It is the affordable efficient way to record all of your time and expenses, track Trust Account activity, and promptly issue invoices.