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In just a few weeks we’ll be releasing our latest features to Time Tracker. Included in the Q1 release, our customers will benefit from time cards for employees to clock-in and out, alerts and reminders to help manage overtime and breaks, and the Time Clock Kiosk with facial recognition.

Time cards

Time cards make tracking time for payroll simple. Their alerts and reminders will help you stay on top of time like never before! Here are some of the features that will be included in the release:

  • Employees can clock in and clock out of their shifts, take a scheduled (paid or unpaid) break and switch between projects, clients, and tasks more efficiently
  • Set employee time thresholds to manage overtime and double time. When the threshold is exceeded, the entry will be automatically categorized as OT or DT and a notification will be sent to the admin, manager and employee
  • The time rounding feature means that time can be rounded up and down. If an employee clocks in at 08:55am for their 09:00am shift, the time entry will be recorded as 09:00am for payroll
  • Breaks can be tracked as paid or unpaid. The employee will be alerted when their break is over, prompting them to return to work

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Time clock kiosk

In just a few weeks Time Tracker will release facial detection for clocking in and outhis feature allows the employee to clock in and out of their shift using a four-digit pin code. The employee's image will be taken and attached to a time entry. This will be the first phase of a two-part release. 

The second phase will be facial recognition. This feature allows the employee to continue to clock in and out of their shift using a four-digit pin code. In this release, the employee's image will be captured and their identity will be verified, eliminating 'buddy punching'. In the event that an employee attempts to clock in or out for a 'buddy', the admin will be notified via email. 

On the clock

With geolocation, you’re able to keep an accurate record of your employees’ whereabouts in real-time. Need to confirm a location of a time entry from three weeks ago? No problem! GPS data syncs every 10 minutes and is saved for up to 2 months, so you can easily verify an employee's location once their time entry has been saved.

Easily map time entries so you can see who is on the clock and where, verify locations, routes and travel times, and identify route inefficiencies to improve productivity.

Sneak peek gallery

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