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Time tracking and timesheet approvals for Gusto.

Time tracking and timesheet approvals for Gusto
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Approve timesheets and sync with Gusto

Track time from anywhere!

Approved timesheets sync with Gusto.

With Time Tracker your employees can easily track time anywhere and from any device (laptop, tablet, mobile, even offline). Time entries are then submitted to an administrator for review (if enabled) where they can be edited, rejected or approved. Then in just one-click entries sync with Gusto for fast and accurate payroll!

Paper timesheets are so 2010

Save 10+ hours each month in administration.

Your Gusto employee data will sync to Time Tracker when you first connect. Easily invite your employees with our automated invites and onboarding emails.

The two-way integration will allow your accounts to work like one, saving you time and money. Create employees and contractor rates in either application, run a data sync, and your information is saved in both accounts. You can also sync compensation and pay rates including PTO and OT. For more information on what data is shared and in which direction view the sync table.

Two-way sync time tracking

Work together with your team

Stay on top of time with admin approvals.

Connect your Gusto account

Employees have the flexibility to track time easily with our single entry timers, multi-timers, and weekly timesheets. Submitted entries show conveniently on the admin's dashboard where they can be reviewed and approved before syncing with Gusto.

Do you have a mobile team? Know the location of employees at the time the entry was submitted with GPS trackng. See all the movements of your team including their activity throughout the day – verify locations, routes and travel times and safeguard your company against time theft.

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Timesheets and payroll tracking

More than just timesheets

Extra features for efficient payroll.

Easily manage your team
Send automatic time entry reminders, create email alerts, set roles and permissions, send individual or team messages and much more.

Multilingual workforceSecure backups
We're connected to the cloud and run regular data back-ups so if your battery runs flat your time entry will be saved and available for you once you reconnect to the internet.

Detailed insights
Know which employees are your most productive – see who has logged the most time, view entries by week or month and know where your employees have spent their most time.

Did we mention it’s free?

Free 30-day trial. No credit card needed. Connection takes less than five minutes and we'll even do it for you!

Fast, easy payroll and accounting

Integration is free and we'll help you every step of the way.

Don’t see your software here? We also offer a free uncapped REST API, allowing you to easily integrate with your existing software providers.


“Our staff like using Time Tracker to enter their time and we enjoy the ease of processing payroll!
“I am thrilled that our employees are using Time Tracker, and submitting their timesheets on time!



“I had some of the best customer care experience that I have ever had from an online company...thank you for hiring professional, respectful and knowledgeable staff.

Convenient time tracking

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