Gusto time tracking add-on, it’s time to love payroll!

Save 30+ hours in administration every month with Time Tracker. Our add-on extends your Gusto time tracking to save you time and money.

employee time and attendance tracking software


Our Gusto time tracking add-on includes free mobile apps for iOS and Android so your employees can track time from anywhere, even offline. Upgrade to +Billing for material tracking and labor cost reporting, invoicing, and online payments (syncs with your accounting software too!)


Employees can clock in/out and take breaks using our online time cards, entries are assigned to an activity and client (optional) before being submitted to the admin for approval. Teams can also submit time in blocks with weekly timesheets and track time on location with our time clock kiosk.


Stop spinning in endless circles of administrative tasks. Easily manage employee time in seconds with manager approvals, automatic overtime calculations and notifications, break alerts, time rounding, timesheet reminders and more.


Track time with our Gusto add-on and accurately plan future activities using project insights – itemize your labor and material costs, and create comprehensive cost estimates that don't leave you out of pocket. 

Gusto time tracking

Pricing starts at


per user/month + base fee

Facial detection

Time Clock

Employees clock time on location using their own unique 4-digit pin, their picture is taken every time they clock in/out or take a break. The manager is notified of any suspicious activity.
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GPS Time Tracking

Extend your Gusto time tracking with GPS tracking. Know the location of your employees when they're on the clock and make fast decisions that could save your business time and money.
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Time tracking reports

Manage Productivity

Learn who your most productive employees are, monitor payroll hours (Regular/OT/DT), create overtime and double time alerts and easily forecast employee labor costs.
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Gusto - Time Tracker sync

How to get started:

1. Sign up for a free trial of Time Tracker
2. Follow the prompts to connect with Gusto
3. Sync your data with Time Tracker
4. Invite your employees to track time

Now you can efficiently create employees and contractor rates in either application and your information is saved in both accounts! You can also sync compensation and pay rates including PTO and OT.

View the sync table for more information.

TT+Gusto sync table


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