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"This software knocks it out of the park. If you are looking for a way to have people track time you cannot beat this application. Our employees track time with their smartphone or over the web. It has workflow for approvals and time entry email reminders. Best part is that it flows right into Gusto to simplify payroll.”

Tracy M

Business Owner

Make time tracking simple

Time Tracker's seamless integration with Gusto allows you to do more of the things you enjoy doing and less of the things you don't.

When you connect the two accounts they work together like one, reducing the amount of time you spend on administration, data entry and number crunching.

Add accountability

Time literally starts and stops with the employee making them accountable for their own timekeeping. Employees can enter time from any device, anywhere and submit to their manager for approval.

The customizable dashboard makes approving employee time simple. Entries appear in one centralized location, where you can make quick changes before approving and syncing with Gusto.

Time tracking mobile app







Real-time GPS tracking

With Time Tracker's geolocation tracking, it’s easy to see who is on the clock, taking a break or clocked out.

  • Emergency call out? No problem, quickly locate and send your nearest employee
  • Easily identify route inefficiencies and make improvements to your plan
  • Avoid payroll and billing disputes with proof of where the time entry was logged
  • Build trust with your team by adding accountability safeguards that benefit everyone


Psst. Here's how much time you've spent looking for a solution. Get Time Tracker for as little as $4 per user/month + $8 base fee.

Eliminate buddy punching

Is your business still using traditional punch clocks for tracking employee time? Switch to our easy to use online employee Time Clock and say goodbye to expensive hardware:

  • Employees login in using a unique 4-digit pin
  • A photo of the person is taken when they clock in, take
    a break and clock out
  • The manager is notified if a buddy punch occurs
  • You can set up as many kiosk locations as you need

Know where time goes

With Time Tracker's live reports.

Labour is typically one of the top expenses for a business, and having real-time insight into those labour costs is critical. Learn who your most productive employees are, identify inefficiencies and easily monitor overtime.

Time Tracker also has a customizable dashboard; select what you want to see and the data will be shown in a variety of graphs, click and drag to prioritize the order.

Single entry timer

Time rounding
Create time rounding rules; record an 8:52am clock in as a 9:00am start

Overtime calculations
Automatically calculate employee rates including overtime and double time


Approval hierarchy
Allow supervisors access to approve their own teams time entries

Submit time notification

Time entry reminders
Automatically send employees reminders to submit their timesheets

Expense tracking
Automate your team expense tracking and say goodbye to paper receipts

Productivity tracking
Forecast labor and material costs and create detailed project estimates

Headache free payroll

Reduce stress with Gusto + Time Tracker.

When you connect the two accounts you can create employees and contractor rates in one account and the data is automatically saved in both! Sync compensation and pay rates too including PTO and OT.

How to get started

1. Sign up for a free trial of Time Tracker
2. Follow the prompts to connect with Gusto
3. Sync your data with Time Tracker
4. Invite your employees to track time


Free integrations and free support

Connection takes less than five minutes and we’ll even do it for you!