Designed for a mobile workforce

Know where your employees have been.

Timer started

Timer paused

Timer stopped

Location update

Mobile GPS tracking

Map your employee's location.

Manage your mobile workforce like never before with Time Tracker's geolocation. Easily map time entries so you can see who worked where, verify locations, routes and travel times and safeguard your company against time theft.

With geolocation, you’re able to keep an accurate record of your employee's whereabouts. Need to confirm a location of a time entry from three weeks ago? No problem! GPS data syncs every 10 minutes and is saved for up to 2 months, so you can easily verify an employees location once their time entry has been saved.

Build trust with your team

Active timers pinpoint your employee's location.

Build trust with your team by adding accountability safeguards that benefit everyone. With geolocation, you know your team is where they’re supposed to be, so you can check in less and let them focus on their work.

Employees don’t need to feel like you’re watching their every move either when they’re on a break or finish for the day, they simply pause or stop all timers and they have complete privacy. When they restart a timer the map will auto-update with their current location.

A few reasons why you need geolocation

It provides verification of time worked for your business and clients so you can avoid invoice disputes.

In the event of a client emergency you’re able to send your nearest employee.

Task assignments

You’re able to identify route inefficiencies and make improvements to your schedule.

Get your employee to the worksite faster so you're paying them for billable hours and not travel time.

Still have questions?

Geolocation is easy to use and manage but there are a few things we’d like to tell you before you get started. We’ve listed the most common questions we’re asked by our customers but if we’ve missed one, please start a live chat and let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you can do anything you need to set up your account.

  • Step 1: Login to your Time Tracker account and go to your settings > Geolocation > select “Enable Geolocation”
  • Step 2: Inform your employees so they can enable the locations setting on their mobile device.

For geolocation to work your employee needs to be logged into Time Tracker, have their locations enabled and be using a timer - active, paused or stopped. When they save their time entry you will be able to see a record of the route taken showing all of their movements.

Location services updates every 10 minutes marking the employee's location within a 1000–meter radius. If your employee travels more than 150 feet (when the timer is running), a new GPS point will automatically be triggered.

Of course not. Employees are only tracked when a timer is running (includes multi-timers). When all timers are paused or stopped they’re not being tracked so they can take their lunch break in complete privacy. When they restart a timer the GPS location will be identified and a new pin will be added to the map.

Geolocation has three modes:

1. Off – time entries will not include location information.

2. On – location information is added to time entries whenever available.

3. Required – users must enable location services on their device to enter time on the mobile app. Location information is added to time entries whenever available.

If you have geolocation 'required' and the employee turns off location services they will be unable to log time on their mobile app. If it's set to 'enabled' and not 'required' then the employee will be able to turn off their location and still track time.  

Yes you can. Our flexible options allows you to turn the GPS tracking feature on or off for employees on an individual basis, or globally.

Employees can view their own GPS points. Time Tracker users can be granted permission to manage other users in the system, accordingly they will be able to see these users geolocation. 

No it does not. When you sign up for a basic Time Tracker account you’re able to use the geolocation feature. It’s turned off by default so you’ll need to head over to your settings tab to “Enable Geolocation”