Manage, budget and invoice clients easily with project time tracking

Take the guesswork out of your project estimates and increase profitability with detailed tracking.

Project Time Tracking

Have full visibility over your project budgets, tasks and team with Time Tracker. Easily create a project in just a few steps; assign a client, invite your project team, and allot activities and estimated hours and budget.

Project tracking essentials

Create projects in Time Tracker

Getting started is simple

Manage time, money, and activities fast with pre-loaded project settings that allows you to start tracking in a matter of moments. 

  • Assign clients and a team to your project
  • Select from the pre-loaded activity types, or create your own
  • Allocate employee rates (normal and OT), and client billing rates
  • Assign a project lead and subscriber (receives entry alerts)

Manage projects in Time Tracker

Don’t find yourself out of pocket

When creating your project tracking you’re able to track against a budget or time allotted to activities and budget.

  • Monitor time and money against activities
  • Keep track of actuals against estimates 
  • Track progress against agreed timeline
  • Reduce risk of budget and over-run before it happens

Approve project time and expenses before billing

Review, reject or approve your project team's hours and project related expenses prior to creating a client invoice. By managing your employee rates and client billing rates you’re able to ensure your projects remain profitable.

aba codes


Create a professional branded invoice in seconds and sync with your accounting software.


Review, email and reconcile invoices from any device and if you need to edit a line entry, it automatically saves.

Online payments


Connect Stripe or CPACharge to accept online electronic payments instantly. Links are automatically added to your invoice.

Send branded invoices


Send branded invoices from your desktop, tablet and mobile device and get paid faster.

Run live project time reports and export into nine formats

Run real-time reports to make sure your projects are on time and budget. Learn from previous projects (time spent on each task, the costs and profit earned) and provide profitable estimates for future projects.

Project hours


Tips for accurately estimating your next project

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