Frequently asked questions

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Timers are best for tracking time for invoicing

Let’s take a look at the key features of timers:

  • Down to the second time tracking with the ability to start, stop and pause one or multiple timers
  • The option to switch between projects, activities and clients in seconds
  • The ability to mark time as billable or non-billable
  • Mark the (time entry) billing type as hourly or a flat rate
  • Mark the (time entry) billing rate as standard or overtime
  • Option to add the time entry to an invoice
  • Free apps for Outlook/365 and Windows 10
  • Free web apps: Zapier, Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • My daily time entries - timers in a timesheet

Time Cards are best for tracking time for payroll

With time cards employees can:

Clock in/out of their shift, take (paid or unpaid) breaks, switch between projects and monitor their hours within each pay period to see if they’re tracking at a standard or overtime rate.

Managers (admins) can:

  • Create alerts so employees are notified when their break is almost over, prompting them to return to work
  • Set employee time thresholds to automatically calculate overtime and double time rates
  • Setup alerts for admin and employees so they receive notification before overtime and double time occurs
  • Set time rounding (up or down); for example, if an employee clocks in at 08:55 am the time entry can round up and be recorded as 09:00 am.
  • Time clock kiosk for location-based tracking
  • Who is on the Clock - real-time GPS tracking

Every Time Tracker account includes free mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as timesheets, admin approvals, geolocation tracking, reporting, and integrations.

Yes, you can. First you need to sign up for a basic Time Tracker account and login. From the navigation go to ADMIN > SETTINGS > TIME TRACKING METHOD and 'Switch to timers'

Both new and existing eBillity customers have the choice between timers OR time cards (you can only use one OR the other you cannot have both). The default is managed by the administrator and can be changed at any time.

TIP: Existing customers will need to change from timers to time cards, only new customers will receive time cards by default.

Here are the main differences between the two features:

  1. Manage Team Entries 
  • View and sort individual entries by {Client}, {Service Item}, or other category.
  • Filter by status: pending, submitted, approved, rejected
  • View the details of a time entry: times, rates, platforms, time clock photos, facial recognition approvals
  • Ability to edit and reject time entries
  1. Time approvals
  • Graphed information showing hours worked: regular time, overtime, double-time, paid and unpaid breaks
  • View all hours for employees, managers, and admins
  • A filter to show ‘All’ statuses (pending, submitted, approved, rejected)
  • Ability to switch views between the current work week and the current payroll period
  • Can approve everyone’s time in just 2 clicks!

Geolocation tracking is our 'Who is on the Clock' feature, it uses a combination of mobile GPS tracking, IP detection, and the time clock kiosk to track and map employee locations.

GPS tracking is for a mobile workforce and uses your employee's mobile device to record their location using pinned coordinates. This feature is one of the methods used to identify 'Who is on the Clock' but only works on mobile devices.

Who is on the Clock is now available with time cards, the feature will be available with timers soon.

We only take GPS coordinates once every few minutes in order to save the devices battery life, on average our GPS feature uses less data in a day than social media apps use in five minutes.

Our Time Clock Kiosk currently uses facial detection which captures your employees picture and attaches it to their entry – reducing the likelihood of ‘buddy punching’, it does not automatically verify a person's identity. Time Clock Kiosk is available on Android and Fire devices, IOS is coming soon.

Facial recognition which will be coming in Q2 will be able to verify a person’s identity when they clockin/out and take breaks. Their facial features will be compared against their image in the database by analyzing biometric points and shapes. If the person cannot be verified a notification will be sent to the admin.

We have a per-user price + a base monthly base feeHere’s an example of a monthly subscription: A Time Tracker account for a small business of five would look like this: $10 a month base free + ($6 x 5 users) equals $40 a month. 

By selecting annual billing you choose to pay the full amount at the time of activation for a one year account to receive a 20% discount.

At the end of your 14-day free trial, you’ll need to provide your payment details to continue using your account. You can add your payment information at any time during your trial but payment will not be processed until after your free trial ends. 

Annual plan members receive 20% off membership fees when they commit to a 12 month plan.

When you sign up for an annual plan, we will ask you to tell us how many users you'd like to add. If you lower your number of users after you have subscribed, we will hold these 'seats' (users) open on your account until your renewal date. At that time, your account will be adjusted to the current number of users and you will be billed accordingly. If you'd like to add additional users after your initial subscription you will be charged a prorated amount for the remaining months of your subscription. 

Time Tracker has free integrations with leading payroll, accounting and expense software platforms.

ALWAYS! Support is forever free for everyone. Our team is only a click, call, or article away from helping you with everything.

Yes you can.

If you are currently on a trial with annual billing and would like to activate your account with monthly billing you will need to contact our support team so they can assist you.

If you are a current customer on annual billing and would like to renew on a monthly basis you will also need to contact our support team for assistance.

We are in the early stages of automating this process with a scheduled release date in late April 2019. Our support team are available Monday - Friday EST and closed on weekends. We encourage you to take action during this time to avoid any disruption to your service.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we appreciate your patience while we work to upgrade our billing.

Of course. We offer the white glove service and will happily fit into your busy schedule. Book a free private demo with one of our talented product specialists.

Yes, and we'll do it for free! We have a team of product specialists who are here to set up your account for you. We’ll happily walk you through the features, connect you to any integrations, we’ll even set up our time tracking apps for you. Call us today 1-800-851-0992 or start a live chat.

We’d like to celebrate your success! Call 1-800-851-0992 and a sales representative will assist you with your account setup.

Yes of course! You can change your subscription at anytime from your dashboard, if you decide to downgrade your account you will still have access to all of your historical data too.

Every account includes secure automated backups, option to integrate with third-party software providers and free unlimited support.