Easily locate your team's whereabouts

With Time Tracker's mobile GPS tracking you can easily see the status of your employees in real time!

Keep track of your mobile workforce

Add accountability with accurate GPS time tracking.

Manage your team's time from the palm of your hand with mobile GPS tracking. Easily view the status of your workforce to see who is clocked-in, on a break or clocked out and know where your team is in real time for greater accountability. Verify an employee’s location by selecting their name to view the full details of their day's activities.

Daily digest
See an overview of how the day is tracking and make adjustments to ensure the work gets completed on time.

Time entry approval

Verify time
GPS data is saved for up to 2 months, so you can easily report and verify locations for payroll and billing.

Improve efficiency
Get to a job faster by sending your nearest team member to the emergency call out.

Pricing starts at


per user/month + base fee

Mobile GPS tracking for Time Cards and Timers

It’s the small things that make a big difference!

GPS time tracking for time cards
With mobile GPS time tracking for time cards, you’re able to see the real-time status of your employees and know who is clocked in, on a break or clocked out. To view the history of one or more employees simply click on their name and view the details of their day's activities. Only clocked-in locations are actively tracked; when an employee is clocked out or on a break, they have complete privacy. Once they clock back in, their last known location will be recorded.

GPS time tracking for timers
GPS time tracking information is recorded based on the status of the timer. Employees are able to record multiple locations when using timers as they may have more than one timer running. When an employee saves their time entry, the admin will see a record of the route taken showing all of their movements. When a timer is stopped or paused the employee's location is private. When the timer is reactivated the last known location will be recorded.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few more details about our mobile GPS time tracking to help you decide if it is right for your team.

We only take GPS coordinates once every few minutes in order to save the device's battery life.

On average our GPS feature uses less data in a day than social media apps use in five minutes.

Storage will vary depending on the device (Android or iOS), the person's role and permissions and the number of users. An estimate is between 15 MB to 40 MB.

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