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18 November 2018

Time Tracker Simplifies Service Billing

We can input service billing detail from a variety of sources; phone apps, an Outlook add-in, or via a web browser. This data can then be reviewed and approved. Once approved, it can then be loaded into Quickbooks where it becomes the detail for invoicing. This allows us to capture billing more accurately with more detail than gathering the info manually.

Gregory C.
Owner, Information Technology and Services

17 November 2018

User friendly and effective time management

My experience with Time Tracker has been excellent, it has only surprised me with how effective it is. This software is very easy to understand – User-friendly and efficient. It has successful upgrades and has only gotten better over the years.

Deepti P.
Staff Accountant

16 November 2018

Made it really easy to keep projects on track

Made it really easy to stay aware of time tracking on different platforms on my computer and also mobile via apps.

Luis M
Account Executive, Automotive Industry

10 November 2018

Best bang for the buck Time Tracker System

Integration with On-Prem Professional Services Edition of QuickBooks was a requirement for our company. Time Tracker integrates well and imports data reliably during invoice generation. Overall it Keeps track of employee entries and streamlines client invoicing.

Peter D.
COO, Information Technology and Services

16 Nov 2018

I found it very easy to enter time

I am a consultant and my clients and I are using this system to track my billable hours. I can submit my hours though the system for payment without having to generate an invoice.

I found it very easy to enter time
Pharmaceuticals, Self-employed

7 November 2018

Time Tracker is convenient

A convenient way of tracking hours worked off-site. I love that I get it emailed each week so It’s one less thing to remember. It’s very easy once you learn the process once.

Therese A.
Personal trainer, Health, Wellness and Fitness

2 November 2018

Thoughts from an employee

It is easy to use, fairly straightforward and there are many different ways to enter time. You can easily take notes on the work you have done and easily view your own records. I also appreciate being able to access these functions without having to commit too many clicks! I also like the reminders to submit hours.

Thoughts from an employee
Entertainment industry

29 October 2018

User friendly and affordable Time Tracking

Very happy, never experienced any major issues, always accessible, fast customer service, easy to administer, good reporting system, meets our company needs and expectation for a very reasonable price.

Zara G.
Human Resources Advisor, Venture Capital & Private Equity

21 October 2018

Time tracking for freelancers and teams

Keeping track of time is important as a freelancer or self-employed person providing services at an hourly rate. I need a tracker that allows me to stop and start my time easily as I move throughout my day, hopping from client to client. Time Tracker allows me to do this. Being able to send invoices through Time Tracker, (an upgrade), is also invaluable.

Teresa K.
Owner, Human Resources, Self-employed