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Intuit ProAdvisor
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20 April 2021

eBillity is awesome!

We’ve Been using T sheets for many years but since the acquisition by QuickBooks the quality of customer service has gone down tremendously. No one over there knows what they’re doing.

We are setting up a new client and spent several hours trying to get things configured with the promise from Tsheets that they could deliver The ability to push future time to QuickBooks. This turns out not to be the case. All they could do was apologize for wasting many hours of unbillable time.

I went to look for an alternative and came across eBillity. What a fantastic product! Customer service is on point. You’re actually talking to people that understand and know the product. Not low skilled workers that don’t understand anything About the product.

eBillity Is simple to use and allows you to take future billings and push them over to QuickBooks. This is streamline the work effort and saved a ton of time and money. Additionally, the product costs less and works better than T sheets. I highly recommend!!!!!

Jason M. Hill, MBA, PMP, CSM
Sound Advice, Founder

21 February 2019

Perfect Timing

This is very useful for a design team like mine where I can track the timing of staff, process the information, make various important decisions and payments including staff and clients/suppliers. Super systematic.

Jyoti d

19 February 2019


The easy access and usage is amazing we couldn’t be happier. Love it.

Tax Preparer

17 February 2019

Useful time tracking tool

Time tracker is a wonderful time tracking tool that makes it easy to track project hours. what makes time tracker extremely effective in the workplace is that it’s web-based and really easy to use. Compared to other pieces of software, time tracker is definitely the easiest to integrate.

Moira B
Business Management Accounting

16 February 2019

Great integrations

Time Tracker by eBillity is great for its flexibility. It permits you to enter time from multiple devices, and then have it auto-sync to Quickbooks or even SAP Concur. It’s great if you’re looking to simplify the amount of work to getting time entries from one software into an accounting source.

Jason L
IT Engineer Industrial Automation

14 February 2019

The best application

If you want to save time, it is the best application you could ever have. With the help of this application, we know the exact time we had to spend on our work. I know my time on each and every project and it’s easy to use and very accurate for everyone.

Nida A
Customer Service Representative

12 February 2019

A good product for tracking hours

I like that this tool offers the option to categorize by Job Numbers, as well as what you’re doing within the job (creative, social media, project management). I also appreciate the notes feature, which allows you to easily explain the specifics of what you were doing, which is especially helpful if the project took more time than expected, etc. It’s a great program for tracking how employees spend their time.

Marketing and Advertising employee
Verified Reviewer Linked

11 February 2019

Best tool for tracking project efforts

The best thing about this software is that you can copy the last time sheet and then make changes as per your requirements. You can manage the efforts of your team and then bill customers accordingly. It helps me know efforts of my team so that I can know how much hours have been put into software development

Information Technology and Services
Verified Reviewer Linkedin

10 February 2019

Accurate Payroll Timekeeping

Time Tracker is a great payroll software for smaller-based businesses that are stationary or have changing locations. The software can be downloaded to any company device including cell phones to make sure timekeeping is as accurate as possible. There is a timer function for meetings, breaks, and transportation that have the options to be paid for or not as well as comment boxes to keep track of why that time was used. Timesheets are organized to the specification of the owner and can be updated with ease. The software itself is still being modified to fit the needs of the ever-changing industry world and to make sure security procedures are in place. Finally, the price for the software is pretty reasonable for businesses with fewer employees. Overall, this software is becoming a new-age type of payroll tracking that many companies are implementing to keep accurate times and it saves companies on hours not spent being productive. It also implements new technologies, which is very important today for efficiency.

Gabby H
Summer Intern Construction Industry

7 February 2019

Makes Keeping up to time very easy

As a software that allows one to keep track of the time spent on work, it is very useful to help you keep to time. Time Tracker helps me get my clients notified about how much time spent on their projects for those I charge hourly. I own a startup of three employees with different tasks and they resume at the same time, Time Tracker allows me to assign a task to each and every one of them and at the same time set the timing for the task to know when its started and finished thereby promoting transparency at work.

Adetunji A
Information Technology

5 February 2019

Made life easier!

It’s easy to use; just start the timer, at the end of each week, just submit the time and match it with payroll.E asy to copy times from the previous week into the current week. It saves some time.

Package/Freight Delivery, Self-employed
Verified Reviewer Linkedin

1 February 2019

Simply Simple

Very easy to use and straight forward. Honestly the easiest time tracker I have ever used. I love love love the save and add new button. Saves me a lot of time.

Legal Services, 11-50 employees
Verified Reviewer Linkedin

28 January 2019

Makes payroll a breeze

I love that it’s a simple app that can be accessed anywhere you have internet. The autosave feature is also really great to have and has saved me a ton in the past.

Jose M
Social Media Director

27 January 2019

One of the best time tracking apps

Easy to use for time tracking and recording billable hours. Integrates with major tax programs such as Quickbooks with a two-way sync.

Publishing, Self-employed
Verified Reviewer Linkedin

25 January 2019


It does the job well. I am easily able to enter my hours, track past hours, and give details about the different bookings in order to differentiate between clients. Once you understand how to use it, it is reliable and consistent.

Shalom P
Associate Director Of Arts and Sciences

23 January 2019

Great for payroll

Time Tracker allows you to easily track clock in, expenses, and more. The +Billing account makes it easy to send invoices as well.

Heather S
Co Founder Apparel & Fashion

16 January 2019

Managing time has never been easier

This software helps me track how much time I spend doing invoices, meal planning, record keeping, etc. so that when tax time comes it’s easy to deduct my expenses.

Nicole Y
Daycare provider Primary/Secondary Education

10 January 2019

A great resource

Time tracker has a unique ability to seamlessly sync with Quickbooks. This allows for two-way communication between Quickbooks and Time Tracker. It allows for easy transfers of client billing and employee timesheet information.

Christopher C
Director Health, Wellness and Fitness

4 January 2019

Time Tracker Has Made A Huge Difference in Our Firm

The software’s integration with QuickBooks has been incredibly seamless. Time is downloaded monthly into QB and invoices are generated simply. The ability to enter time from any web browser, and not have to go directly into QB to enter time, has made the security of our database much stronger and has minimized the need for the number of licenses of QB. Time Tracker has allowed all of our offices across the country to enter time for billing in one concise format which makes not only billing simpler but the task of tracking time simpler without extra spreadsheets or non-integrated software packages. Very happy that we found Time Tracker!

Andy B
Senior Engineer Civil Engineering

12 January 2019

Makes tracking hours simple

Time Tracker allows me to keep track of all employee hours and it is great for keeping things organized for HR.

Adam T
Chaplain Religious Institutions

15 December 2018

Great time tracking and management software

I like the simplicity of this time tracking and management tool. Its interface is organized and easy to understand. Using it, we are able to allocate time and deadlines to various departments in the workplace, which boosts productivity. I will continue using it.

Anthony M
Managing Director Civil Engineering

15 December 2018

Easy Time Tracking

Their multiple apps and programs to help make it easy to keep track of your hours worked. Being able to use it on my Android phone and my computer is very invaluable as I’m not always in the office when I’m ready to quit work since my job requires me to be on the go quite a bit.

Debbie P
Marketing Computer Game

9 December 2018

Great Time Management Tool

Using this time tracker makes it easy to stay on task and know exactly how much time I’m spending on each project. It’s easy to use and has made such a difference in my productivity that I now use it regularly.

Emily H
Great Time Management Tool

18 November 2018

Time Tracker Simplifies Service Billing

We can input service billing detail from a variety of sources; phone apps, an Outlook add-in, or via a web browser. This data can then be reviewed and approved. Once approved, it can then be loaded into Quickbooks where it becomes the detail for invoicing. This allows us to capture billing more accurately with more detail than gathering the info manually.

Gregory C.
Owner, Information Technology and Services

17 November 2018

User friendly and effective time management

My experience with Time Tracker has been excellent, it has only surprised me with how effective it is. This software is very easy to understand – User-friendly and efficient. It has successful upgrades and has only gotten better over the years.

Deepti P.
Staff Accountant

16 November 2018

Made it really easy to keep projects on track

Made it really easy to stay aware of time tracking on different platforms on my computer and also mobile via apps.

Luis M
Account Executive, Automotive Industry

10 November 2018

Best bang for the buck Time Tracker System

Integration with On-Prem Professional Services Edition of QuickBooks was a requirement for our company. Time Tracker integrates well and imports data reliably during invoice generation. Overall it Keeps track of employee entries and streamlines client invoicing.

Peter D.
COO, Information Technology and Services

16 Nov 2018

I found it very easy to enter time

I am a consultant and my clients and I are using this system to track my billable hours. I can submit my hours though the system for payment without having to generate an invoice.

I found it very easy to enter time
Pharmaceuticals, Self-employed

7 November 2018

Time Tracker is convenient

A convenient way of tracking hours worked off-site. I love that I get it emailed each week so It’s one less thing to remember. It’s very easy once you learn the process once.

Therese A.
Personal trainer, Health, Wellness and Fitness

2 November 2018

Thoughts from an employee

It is easy to use, fairly straightforward and there are many different ways to enter time. You can easily take notes on the work you have done and easily view your own records. I also appreciate being able to access these functions without having to commit too many clicks! I also like the reminders to submit hours.

Thoughts from an employee
Entertainment industry

29 October 2018

User friendly and affordable Time Tracking

Very happy, never experienced any major issues, always accessible, fast customer service, easy to administer, good reporting system, meets our company needs and expectation for a very reasonable price.

Zara G.
Human Resources Advisor, Venture Capital & Private Equity

21 October 2018

Time tracking for freelancers and teams

Keeping track of time is important as a freelancer or self-employed person providing services at an hourly rate. I need a tracker that allows me to stop and start my time easily as I move throughout my day, hopping from client to client. Time Tracker allows me to do this. Being able to send invoices through Time Tracker, (an upgrade), is also invaluable.

Teresa K.
Owner, Human Resources, Self-employed

26 October 2018

Time cards made easy!

My staff has switched from paper time cards to the Time Tracker system. We no longer have to wait for late time cards. Also the accuracy of time tracking seems to have improved. There was a learning curve for employees using the app and there was a bit of ‘old dog, new tricks’ syndrome. We got through it and everyone prefers Time Tracker over paper time cards now.

Forest C.
Senior Project manager/Owner Construction

15 October 2018

Time Tracking with Xero

The software is good for time tracking and then it syncs with Xero so that I do not have to do any double entries.

Arthur K,
Law Practice, Self-employed

19 October 2018

Easy and efficient

The software is easy and efficient. There is also a mobile application that users can download to enter their time when away from the office. Overall time tracker allows our business to input, print time sheets, and is very efficient for the price. I love that it autosaves and works seamlessly with Quickbooks. A major time-saver.

Easy and efficient
Civil Engineering

10 October 2018

Time Card user

Straightforward, like being able to copy the previous timecard, integrates well into our billing and tracking system. I’m doing my project time sheet and know it feeds into firm payroll and project tracking, our office manager is happy so I’m happy. It is pretty intuitive and straight forward to use and integrates well into our billing system.

Rick K.
Landscape Architect/Principal

21 August 2018

Plays Great with Quickbooks

We have used eBillity for over six years and it has helped us bill our time every month. We enter thousands of hours each month. We have looked for alternatives in the past, but we always come back because it works so well. Whether you connect with QuickBooks or another accounting software, or just use it to track time and generate invoices, eBillity is a great choice for any company of any size. (Private Review Capterra)

Plays Great with Quickbooks
Real Estate

19 August 2018

Time Tracker for the regular guy

The time I saved on old time sheets handwritten! Anybody should be able to use after the tutorial. Haven’t found anything I don’t like. I’ve been using for at least 8 years

Keith Dombroski
R. A. Snoznik Const. Inc

31 July 2018

Time tracking and billing software is necessary in a law firm

There are many options to choose from and the customer support is so helpful whenever I need them. It’s very important to me to be able to get a human on the phone for help and not have to wait a long time.

Lucia DePasquale
M.A. Dinkin Law Firm, P.L.L.C. /Office Manager/Paralegal

30 July 2018

eBillity makes it so easy to capture all my time with a streamlined approach

Captures all the right information and places it directly into Quickbooks for the quickest path to invoicing. I really like the tight integration, as a conduit, between Outlook and Quickbooks. It is essential that I be able to convert appointment information in Outlook to Quickbooks invoicing.

Gavin Heatly
Greenwich Network Systems / Owner

22 July 2018

Overall great

The system is fairly easy to access and use. I like that I can review previous billing and to date I have not experienced any issues or errors.

Jameson Gray
LSSP / Primary/Secondary Education

18 July 2018

This product makes running payroll so much easier!

I can allocate certain hours to specific grants or projects, AND the Quickbooks integration is my favourite.

Angela Weicht
A&W Associates / Owner, QuickBooks ProAdvisor

17 July 2018

This software makes my job easy cause it does all the work

Easy to use. The time tracking main feature saves me lots of time so I can get other things I need finished.

Susan George
Lucky Video Inc. / Director of Human Resourses

14 July 2018

Time Tracker by eBillity is very user-friendly. The customer service is excellent

The platform is about as user-friendly as any timekeeping software I’ve used. The customer service is excellent.

Jane Gingrich
One + One, LLC / CPA

10 July 2018

Very simple and easy to use.

My accountant can quickly and easily let me know if I forgot to add or include something, and I can easily fix it. The software itself is seamless. I’ve never experienced any bugs or long loading/transition times. It is very simple to use.

Parker Leach
Delta V Biomechanics / Managing Engineer

4 August 2017

Works Great!

I have tried many timer programs over the years. Yours works great for my one person office! Thanks!

Peg Elmer
10 March 2018

4 August 2017

Loving the new Timers that collapse into the right side of the browser!

It is now so easy to track my time through out the day with multiple clients. AND the biggest benefit, is that if I forget the timer has not been finalized and I close my browser, I do not lose the timer!

This is a huge plus. Don’t know how many timers I lost because I forgot about them.

Thank you time Tracker

Susie Michels
Fork Website Solutions

16 February 2017

Great App!

This has been one of the best apps I have come across! I was looking for an easier way to track my time and work, and then transfer that information into my invoices. This fit the bill perfectly, and works great with both desktop and QBO. I love the reports I can create monthly or weekly. It allows employees to log in and create detail of their work as well, which you can make billable or not. The feature that sets it apart is the Pause. I can stop my work and come back to it and just hit start again. Great App!!

Folsom, CA, USA

2 February 2017

I love Time Tracker. I am using it and loving it.

I love Time Tracker. I am using it and loving it.

I also am using Quickbooks online because of your special last month.

Thank you!

Denise Wahlberg
Broadcast Captioner

26 January 2017

Great Solution For Time & Expenses

The ebillity team has a done a great job with this app.

I particularly like the ease of use, and the level of detail that you can apply to track time and expenses.

Options to use classes and the approval process make entering time for payroll and billable expenses easy, and the mobile option is my favorite!

QuickBooks ProAdvisor

10 January 2017

Friendly Persistence

I wanted to take a moment to commend Marjorie Nigel on the customer service she provided over the last two days.

I called on Wednesday with what I suspected was not a simple issue so I was prepared for some level of difficulty in resolving it. Marjorie did her best to see through the problem, calling in extra support when necessary. Besides dogged determination, she also displayed sensitivity to my schedule yesterday and managed to move up contact with a web developer to a window of time when I would be available.

Marjorie also was very patient with me as I insisted on testing out the fix and helped me think through potential implications for our business so I didn’t overlook anything. I almost always feel rushed off the phone or chat by customer service representatives when an issue is resolved, only to find out that there was still something wrong. This was not the case with Marjorie. She even offered to be available if other related issues arose. I truly felt like eBility TimeTracker had my back and it was thanks to Marjorie!

Candace Boyce
Office Administrator, Environmental Stewards Consulting, Inc.

24 July 2014

I highly recommend this product

“My favorite feature with this online time tracker is that I can add my time in several different ways: decimals, hours and minutes, via a timer, or automatically calculated by start and end times!

It syncs seamlessly with Quickbooks and has several great reports, that make my life much easier.

The apps for Android, iPad and Windows desktop work great. I have tried them all.

Overall, I spent a lot of time researching online timers that sync with Quickbooks, and Time Tracker is by far the best.

Worked with their support team to get setup, and they were responsive, professional and patient. I highly recommend this product.”

FWS . Forks
WA 98331, USA

Very easy to learn and use

“Our company has added 8 new employees in the last year, resulting in a need for an online time entry system. eBillity has been very easy for everyone to learn and use. We have had a great experience using the “Chat” feature when questions arise, with a quick resolution. I am thrilled that our employees are using eBillity, and submitting their timesheets in a timely manner!”

Lori Wilkes
Realty Trust Group, Knoxville, TN

Your service ROCKS!

“I have to say, “Your service ROCKS!” I was very impressed with your awareness of the outage that wasn’t even yours but affected Intuit’s service. It shows your vigilance and concern with customer satisfaction. Our staff likes using your system to enter time and I enjoy the ease of processing time for payroll and billing.”


Michael & Laurie

Great at addressing customer’s needs

“You guys really are great at addressing customer’s needs. We really appreciate that, and it makes us feel comfortable moving forward.”

John Wheat
Partner, API Accounting Practices

Remarkable customer service

“It’s been truly remarkable to notice that there are still companies out there who focus on excellent customer service. We have already put out a good word of your program among the tax professionals in Scandinavia… in the near future you will have many satisfied customers also in this end of the globe.”

Petteri Rapo

Reduced my headaches

“As a small business owner, using eBillity has reduced my headaches of trying to manage billable time and invoicing for multiple clients. I have more time to interact with my clients. eBillity is easy to configure too.”

Kevin Bingham
President, CU Data Miner LLC

They stay and help!

“The most notable thing about eBillity is the support that their staff give. South Africa is a long way from the USA and they phone me to find out how I am!… They don’t sell and leave – they stay and help!”

Farrell Bernberg
South Africa

Cuts down on my unbilled overhead

“This is a great time saving app…I just enter my appointments in Outlook, send them to eBility and then at the end of the week, I login to the website and submit them. Cuts down on my un-billed overhead.”


I am confident we will never use another program

“Our accounting firm switched to using eBillity after our previous time tracking system was discontinued. As a new user, I had numerous questions regarding the setup and needed support syncing our billable time into QuickBooks. My eBillity support representative, Natan, was a lifesaver. He was professional, helpful, and exercised great patience while carefully instructing me step by step to reach my desired outcome. Now that we have converted our time tracking over to eBillity, I am confident stating we will never use another program. eBillity is fast, easy to use, offers valuable support over the phone & through Webinars, ensuring customer satisfaction. I have nothing but excellent things to say for both eBillity and their genuine staff. I send a special thank you to Natan for all of his help today. It is very seldom that you encounter someone who genuinely cares about assisting their clients. If you are considering eBillity, I highly recommend their free trial. You will not be disappointed!”

from Chicago, IL

Glad we switched to eBillity

“I am switching to eBillity from another time tracker but needed help getting things synced and having new employees show up in eBillity. Allison was able to help walk me through some of the steps, and then did a Join Me and took control of my computer to fix a few problems. She was quick to answer my questions and was able to fix my problems. I am thrilled with our choice to switch to eBillity.”

from Danville, IN

Amazing mobile app

“My experience with eBillity has been a GREAT one! It is an amazing app can log in your times from your computer or cell phone at any time. So if your in a rush no worry if you can’t make it to your computer, on your way you can do it on your phone. Best thing about eBillity is that they are constantly adding new features. You ask for them and they do everything they can to get what you need. I highly recommend others who are looking for a time tracker to use eBillity it’s a very good product!”


LOVE IT. I’ve recommended it to several businesses

“I recommend this program to anyone with a mobile force OR if you don’t want your employees entering their time directly into QuickBooks. This is a great program and I’ve recommended it to several businesses already.”

from Athens, GA, USA

Saves me time

“Had a time entry issue I couldn’t resolve without Cindy on Chat and the Developer Team. Thank you for your patience and invaluable feedback. Problem fixed. This app saves me time and I would recommend it.”


No more paper hours!!

“This app has made life easier for me to enter my hours, i no longer have to write my hours on paper or figure it out in my head for each day! i simple put a from and to time in and hit the calculate button and it calculates it for me making life much easier! i recommend this product for anyone that wants to save more time.”


Great support

“The helpdesk has been very good and easy to get a hold of any time I have needed it. Today Cindy helped me out in awesome way and earlier Victor has been exceptional. Thanks!”

from MN

Easy to use, great support

“It’s easy to use and syncs with qb seamlessly. When I do have a problem support is great. Just got off the phone with Joann and she was very helpful and efficient. I would definitely recommend this product. Thanks!”

from Wayne, NJ

Useful app, excellent service

“We have been using eBillity for over a month now and really appreciate its usefulness. In particular both the president of our company and I have received excellent assistance from Joann as we learn to navigate the functionality of eBillity. We know that we will receive a professional, congenial and comprehensible explanation in response to our questions.”

from Chicagoland, Illinois

You NEED this program

“I can run reports in eBillity, print time sheets in eBillity, manage employees and edit their access, etc… I have recommended this program to other companies too. If you have a mobile work force, or don’t want your employees entering their time directly into QB – YOU NEED THIS PROGRAM. It will save you time and money. I used the Outlook sync with Time Tracker and LOVED it.”


Smooth QuickBooks integration

“Integration to QB is very smooth. It is very cool that I can enter time activities in the cloud and it shows up in QB.”


Excellent Time Keeping Tool

“Very user friendly and great support online or by phone.”


Great value

“Faster, better reports, and better integration with Outlook. And they have improved the program without introducing new bugs. Would like to see real-time auto-correct for spelling and defined short-cuts, but that does not stop this product from providing great value.”


Highly recommend this software

“The Live Chat service is the best I’ve worked with bar none with any software I’ve used in the last several years. They always have a easy to understand and fast answer that I can implement quickly. I highly recommend this software and its customer support.”

from Rochester NY

Great for virtual teams

“My team lives and works all over the US. eBillity together with QuickBooks makes time entry and payroll SO MUCH easier. The eBilllity Help Desk Staff are always patient and helpful in resolving whatever trouble I have gotten myself into!! Thanks!”

from Denver, CO

Works beautifully

“They have made so many improvements to the application that we all love it. The ability to limit the customers, service items and pay codes is invaluable. We have been on it for 8 months with 5 users. I have had no problems after the initial learning curve. I highly recommend it.”


Very user friendly

“This is a excellent product for tracking employees time. It is very user friendly.”


Makes syncing time to QuickBooks simple

“I was able to reach Victor and he was able to resolve my issue very quickly with a remote desktop session. Thank you Victor! Now eBillity is back up and running and I am a satisfied customer once again. Other than this single incident the product has performed flawlessly and I recommend it to anyone who has a need synch time with QuickBooks. It takes a time consuming and cumbersome task and makes it very simple and easy. Thanks again!”


Makes my day easier

“I cannot say enough positive about eBillity. It makes my day at work so much easier.”

from Arlington, MA

VERY helpful customer service

“I was having trouble syncing data in Intuit after I got a new computer recently. I obviously let the problem go for several weeks, but finally called eBillity and Jo Ann answered my call. She very patiently guided me through correcting the issue, giving me all the time I needed. Her help was invaluable to me, and to helping our company track all of it’s employee and customer data from one system to the other. Thanks so much Jo Ann”

from San Antonio, Texas

Saves us time and prevents billing errors

“This has helped our company so much with time saving and billing errors.”

from KS

Well-designed for firms that need to track time

“As an Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor, specializing in working with professional services firms, I help a lot companies with time tracking and billing. Most firms still work with traditional, desktop applications, but more and more they are looking for cloud based solutions. For those firms using QuickBooks in a windows environment, eBillity promises time and billing simplified. eBillity makes it easy for you to invite employees and vendors to enter their time. Once you have invited employees to enter their time you have the option to make them administrators and to choose clients that are visible to that person. eBillity is well designed for a firm that needs to offer employees and/or vendors the ability to track time in a mobile environment. If you do not need to track expenses, have simple approval needs and have most timekeepers able to enter time on almost everyone or almost no-one, take a look at eBillity. The 30 day free trial will help you decide if it is right for you.”

from Southport, Fairfield, CT, USA

Great for small business

“eBility is great! Our small business is completely based on billable time and eBility makes it easy to bill! I have had to use tech support a couple of times due to my own errors in setting up customers. Support was helpful, easy, and quick! Thank you!”

from Gainesville, FL, USA

Great customer service

“Great customer service!!! I had questions, a lot of them, and the rep, VICTOR, was able to help me out instantly and answer all my questions in a quickly matter. With eBillity Time and Billing Manager having the CHAT Help option available at anytime, definitely makes it worth while. Definitely recommend this for any company!”

from New Orleans, LA

Helpful assistance with time log sheets

“Victor was very helpful and communicated well to correct my problem with log in and weekly time sheet location and access. Thank you.”

from Gray and Associates

Good app, good support

“I really appreciate this very good app that works for me and I also appreciate the great attentive support provided by Cindy. I am just new to the app so i have to set it up but we encounter problem with the sync manager she told me to call QuickBooks and when it was fixed i was really touched that she is still waiting for me so she can help me to set it up. Please continue the good service and hope your support are all like Cindy!”


Awesome response

“Awesome response for trouble shooting. Thanks for the immediate feedback and solutions. Love this app.”


Fast online customer service

“The online customer service is great! They know the eBillity program and are able to help to solve a problem in a very short time.”

from Minneapolis, MN, USA

Built for entering time on the road

“Now I can use my iPhone app to put in time on the road. It is great.”

from Charlotte, NC

Customer service is excellent!

“I had a question I needed answered right away and chose to use the online chat option. I explained what I did wrong and asked how to fix the problem. “Cindy” explained exactly what I needed to do. Following her instructions, the problem was quickly fixed and I was able to move on with my day. Excellent customer service – very efficient”

from Traverse City, MI, USA

Great time tracking / billing app

“This software knocks it out of the park. If you are looking for a way to have people track billable and non-billable time within QuickBooks, you cannot beat this application. It works within Outlook and has smartphone apps, or you can enter time over the web. It has workflow for approvals and email reminders to enter time. Best part is that it flows right into QuickBooks, simplifying billing and payroll.”

from Chicago, IL, USA

Tech support is great

“I’ve used the online chat feature for customer service twice now and both times they were right there, super helpful, and solved my problems. I’ve had great experience with tech support.”

from Phoenix, AZ

Fast customer service

“Had a little glitch installing. Online chat solved it in 30 seconds. Thank you!”


Support was excellent

“I did have an issue with one of the screens, and so I used the online help. I did not expect much, but I got an actual person at the other end (I think), Allison. She responded promptly and was helpful. We used the join.me screen-sharing application, which I thought was very useful. I could show Allison my issue. The interaction was textual, and voice would have been preferred.”


Excellent Customer Service!

“Joann was wonderful in helping me troubleshoot. She was patient and kind. I truly appreciate her commitment to solving my issues with syncing hours!”

from Chicago, IL

Prompt customer service (chat)

“I received very prompt and knowledgeable service from representative ‘Cindy’ on October 8th, 2012. I appreciate this feature of the app, and the peaple who are able to help online in ‘real time’. thanks again!”


Quick on-line chat

“Needed a quick answer on a Friday afternoon, and Cindy with the online chat gave me exactly the info I needed to complete my work. Thanks!”

from Charlotte, NC, USA

17 April 2013

Wonderful tech support

“I have been having issues with syncing hours over to QuickBooks and Cindy was wonderful and stayed with me the whole entire time to make sure all problems were fixed.”


Easy customer support

“Online help with Chat support was easy to work with”


Quick and efficient service

“Quick and efficient service. I find it is way more reliable over chat than over the phone or e-mail”


No frustration!

“Via Live Support I was able to easily resolve an issue with the number of users I have on Time Tracker. Normally I have to endure a lot of frustration in these situations but this was a breeze. Victor D. was a huge help!!”

from Phoenix, AZ, USA

Fixed my problem in 5 minutes!

“I had a problem with approving timesheets. I clicked on Chat Support and Nancy fixed my problem in less than 5 minutes. AWESOME!!”

from New Orleans

Clear guidance

“Just when I didn’t think eBility could manage my companies quirky needs I decided to initiate a “chat” and low and behold this lovely person responded immediately. I received clear guidance and instruction and was very pleased to have someone out there waiting to help.”


Buy this app

“I was looking for a quick solution to get customer billing out asap that integrated w/ QBW. eBillity was easy to install, great price point….the best thing was the support. I ran into a small config issue and clicked online support–Allison got me running in less than 10 min….Great Support..Thank you Allison…Buy this app and keep these guys in business!!!!!”

from Slc, UT

Help Desk Is Awesome

“They logged into one of the employees screen to find out what the problem was without a time limit. They worked on her screen for over 40 minutes until the problem was solved. I definitely give them a huge four **** for customer service which is huge in my book.”

 from San Francisco, CA, USA

Victor was awesome!!!!

“Was extremely helpful, polite and knowledgeable. eBillity works beautifully now.”


No complaints

“I cant say that i have any complaints with this app. very easy and self explanatory to use. the webinars where more then helpful. if i do come across n issue there customer care doesn’t make me wait on the phone for a long period of time and there staff is nice and helpful. I like how they are always adding new and more then help features for the customer to enjoy.”


Great chat support

“I was helped by “Kim.” She knew my eact issue and got to the bottom of it quickly. She took control of my mouse and quickly walked me through the steps. It all took literally 5 minutes and I’m back to my accounting work in a flash. Thanks!”


Fantastic support!

“Nancy was fantastic! I only had to explain my issue once. She went directly to Join.me showed me how to fix my issue in a matter of seconds. (I had spent hours spinning my wheels before contacting eBillity) It is great when Customer Service solves your problems rather than making you feel completely inept.”

from Portland, OR, USA

Simple to use

“This is simple to use and Great support when needed.”

from Early, TX 76802, USA

Lovin the updates!

“This app is great, keep it coming guys, lovin the updates!!”


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