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Friendly Persistence

I wanted to take a moment to commend Marjorie Nigel on the customer service she provided over the last two days.


I called on Wednesday with what I suspected was not a simple issue so I was prepared for some level of difficulty in resolving it. Marjorie did her best to see through the problem, calling in extra support when necessary. Besides dogged determination, she also displayed sensitivity to my schedule yesterday and managed to move up contact with a web developer to a window of time when I would be available.


Marjorie also was very patient with me as I insisted on testing out the fix and helped me think through potential implications for our business so I didn’t overlook anything. I almost always feel rushed off the phone or chat by customer service representatives when an issue is resolved, only to find out that there was still something wrong. This was not the case with Marjorie. She even offered to be available if other related issues arose. I truly felt like Ebility TimeTracker had my back and it was thanks to Marjorie!

Candace Boyce

Office Administrator

Environmental Stewards Consulting, Inc.

I highly recommend this product

“My favorite feature with this online time tracker is that I can add my time in several different ways: decimals, hours and minutes, via a timer, or automatically calculated by start and end times!

It syncs seamlessly with Quickbooks and has several great reports, that make my life much easier.

The apps for Android, iPad and Windows desktop work great. I have tried them all.

Overall, I spent a lot of time researching online timers that sync with Quickbooks, and Time Tracker is by far the best.

Worked with their support team to get setup, and they were responsive, professional and patient. I highly recommend this product.”

FWS . Forks, WA 98331, USA

Lovin the updates!

“This app is great, keep it coming guys, lovin the updates!!”


Simple to use

“This is simple to use and Great support when needed.”

justmissedme fromEarly, TX 76802, USA

Fantastic support!

“Nancy was fantastic! I only had to explain my issue once. She went directly to showed me how to fix my issue in a matter of seconds. (I had spent hours spinning my wheels before contacting eBillity) It is great when Customer Service solves your problems rather than making you feel completely inept. ”

RWpdx from Portland, OR, USA

Great chat support

“I was helped by “Kim.” She knew my eact issue and got to the bottom of it quickly. She took control of my mouse and quickly walked me through the steps. It all took literally 5 minutes and I’m back to my accounting work in a flash. Thanks!”


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