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“This time app is super effective it is so easy to understand and has made my business more efficient.”

Ryann McQuarrie

MD, Bully Design Co.
“I love that it’s a simple app that me and my team can access to track time wherever we are.”

Gordan Donald

Business Owner, Hydraulics Diagnostic

1 in 2 employees admit to time theft

50% of employees admit to adding 15-60 minutes onto their weekly timesheets! GPS time tracking records the location and status of your employees to reduce time theft.

30+ hours are lost every month

Eliminate data entry and paper timesheets and save up to 30+ hours in administration every month. Imagine what you could achieve with more time in your day!

Up to 20% in lost revenue

Time literally starts and stops with your employees so you can run an accurate payroll and increase billable hours by up to 20%. Stop estimating time, it's costing you money.

Free mobile apps for iOS and Android allow your employees to track time from anywhere, even offline. Upgrade to +Billing for expenses, job costing, invoicing, and online payments.

Improve operational inefficiencies when you automate your employee time tracking. Teams capture time from anywhere and submit for admin approval. GPS tracking shows the employees status in real-time and records the location to reduce time theft and avoid payroll and billing disputes.

employee time and attendance tracking software

Accurately plan future jobs using project insights to itemize your labor and material costs, and create comprehensive cost estimates that don't leave you out of pocket.

Stop spinning in endless circles of administrative tasks, easily manage employee time in seconds with manager approvals, automatic overtime calculations and alerts, break alerts, time rounding, and timesheets reminders.

Know the location of your team

Make your employees accountable for their time and work together as a team to achieve better results with real-time attendance tracking. See who is on the clock, taking a break or clocked-out and select an employee to view a detailed map of their movements.

Emergency call out? No problem, easily locate your nearest employee and get them there fast. Geolocation tracking will also help to identify route inefficiencies that are costing your business time and money.

Track And Manage Employee Attendance

Reduce buddy punching and gain valuable insights.

Time Clock Kiosk
Employees can easily clock in/out and take breaks using their unique 4-digit pin, facial detection will take their picture and reduce 'buddy punching' in the workplace.

Manage Productivity
Know which employees are your most (or least) productive, create labor reports to view expenses, regular time, overtime/double time and estimate project budgets in minutes.

Safe and Secure
Your data is GDPR and EU-US Privacy Shield Compliant and securely hosted on Amazon S3, where it is connected to the cloud with automatic backups.

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“I like the simplicity of this time tracking and management tool. Its interface is organized and easy to understand. Using it, we are able to allocate time and deadlines to various departments in the workplace, which boosts productivity.


Managing Director
“Time Tracker has allowed all of our offices across the country to enter time for billing in one concise format which makes not only billing simpler but the task of tracking time simpler without extra spreadsheets or non-integrated software packages. Very happy that we found Time Tracker!

Anthony B

Civil Engineering
“My experience with Time Tracker has been excellent, it has only surprised me with how effective it is. This software is very easy to understand – user-friendly and efficient. It has successful upgrades and has only gotten better over the years.


Staff Accountant

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