workplace accountability
The boss isn’t the only one who needs to think about accountability in the workplace. The entire team in a business setting needs to work together to achieve culpability so that everyone is working to the best of their ability and skill level. A high-functioning unit will pay off when it comes to the ongoing

Embracing Change: Technological Advancements in Accounting

Accounting technology
We are living in a time of incredible technological advances. An evolving tech landscape has meant an abundance of newly automated services which have helped businesses immeasurably, across a wide range of industries. What kinds of trends are we seeing in accounting, and what are the best ways to utilize these new technologies? The impact

Balancing Pricing and Service in Your Accounting Firm

accounting firm pricing
In these tough economic times, worries about pricing and profitability in your firm are natural. Your revenue stream dictates the growth of your business, after all, and it is understandable to lean toward cash flow as the most important piece for your focus and attention. It makes sense that the first instinct may be to
Increase Productivity
Feeling like your business can stand to be more productive? Working smarter means increasing productivity, and your employees are the key to making this happen. Employees are the most important part of your small business. Ensuring their happiness will directly influence their productivity, which means your business growth depends mostly on them. By incorporating even
american financial quiz
How much do you know about American financial trends? Take our quiz, and see how you do! It may be that the things you learn here can help your understanding of the financial trends of where you live. Find out how to forecast your own financial growth by keeping your eye on current US trends.
Time cards
Historically every Time Tracker account offered timers and timesheets as a way to track time for payroll and billing. However, in March of 2019 Time Tracker released time cards; the new default setting for a basic Time Tracker account. Now both new and existing eBillity customers have the choice between timers OR time cards (you