Time cards
Historically every Time Tracker account offered timers and timesheets as a way to track time for payroll and billing. However, in March of 2019 Time Tracker released time cards; the new default setting for a basic Time Tracker account. Now both new and existing eBillity customers have the choice between timers OR time cards (you
SAP Concur Fusion
It’s almost time! The 2019 SAP Concur Fusion is taking place March 11-14 at the San Diego Convention Centre, San Diego, CA. This annual conference can’t be missed if you want to connect with a community of SAP Concur partners, customers, and experts. Take your business further by discovering and immersing yourself in educational sessions

Do Your Clients Think Your Law Firm is Charging Too Much?

legal fees
Billing legal clients requires sound professional judgement in terms of both getting the amount on the invoice to accurately reflect billable hours, and also in hitting the right tone and level of customer service throughout. Educating lawyers about the invoicing process, from descriptions and billing to addressing client concerns is something few firms contemplate. In

Why Leveraging New Legal Tools Will Help Your Law Firm

Legal Tools
Is your firm feeling a little stagnant lately? If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to help your firm’s efficiency and cash flow, it may be time to seek some solutions in the form of technology. Firms which are struggling with workflow and staying competitive within the industry should be looking to get results

Everything You Need to Know About Legalweek Before You Go

Legalweek will be here before you know it, so it’s time to familiarize yourself with all of the fantastic keynotes, workshops, attendees, exhibitors and conferences that will be featured this year. This will be the largest legal event of the year, showcasing all kinds of new and exciting technology to complement the needs of you
automating law firm
Thousands of dollars can be saved by automating your manual non-billable workflows, and by tracking time electronically will improve the accuracy of your billable time. Scheduling, time-keeping, invoicing, legal billing, and data storage are all areas which can be digitized easily and affordably. By moving towards automating your law firm, you will save time and