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15 Ways to Establish an Inclusive Work Culture

There are plenty of benefits to a diverse workforce. There is higher employee engagement, lower employee turnover, and a more attractive employer brand. But the most significant value of diversity for organizations is diversity of thinking. Demographic diversity is essential to ensure nondiscrimination. But it is not an end in itself. Research from the Australian
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team building games

Team Building Games for All Personality Types

In many circles, team building has a reputation for being boring or a waste of time. The problem is: most exercises aren’t designed to meet the interests of all personality types in your group. This piece will briefly cover the benefits of team building exercises and how to choose exercises that everyone will love taking
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Approximately 88% of job seekers say workplace culture has a relative importance on whether they even apply at a business. A total of 46% say workplace culture is very important. If an employee doesn’t like their company’s culture, they are 24% more likely to quit. It’s human nature to feel happier and more engaged when