Top New Time Tracker Features You Will Love

The wait is over. Just wait until you see the new features on Time Tracker! Our customers have been given access to time cards for clocking in and out, a new Time Clock Kiosk feature with facial recognition, and alerts and reminders for easy management of breaks and overtime. Check out these new Time Tracker

How GPS Tracking Can Improve Business Efficiency

Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a satellite tracking system that is increasingly used in businesses for commercial and personal applications. The benefits of using GPS are varied, and include many competitive advantages. In order to understand what GPS can do for your business means learning a little but about the technology itself. The first

2019 Marketing Trends For Accounting Firms

marketing trends
The demand for accounting services remains high, due to a mix of factors including a strong economy, a complex tax and regulatory environment, and globalization. This is great news for those in the industry, as the projected rate of employment for accountants and auditors is 10%, which is faster than average for all occupations. The

Top 2019 Accounting Trends

accounting trends
The biggest factor impacting the accounting and finance professionals in the years ahead is likely technology. 2018 saw an enormous rise in accounting and bookkeeping software, and the accounting trends are continuing. Statistics clearly reflect this shift. The global accounting software market will be worth around $11.8 billion by 2026. Subscribers continue to climb. Xero

Which Accounting Software Is Best For Your Business?

Accounting Software
It used to be simple: businesses employed an accounting team to handle all of their accounting needs. Now, in the age of financial technology, it is more accurate, cost-effective, and simple to transfer data into accounting software that can do more than ever before. These leaps forward save a lot of time and money. But

Small Business Expenses: What Can and Can’t I Claim?

small business expenses
Have you ever wondered what your small business can claim for expenses at tax time? Or maybe you are well-versed in tax deductible expenses, but are feeling unsure about what you can’t claim. Tax deductible expenses fall under the general umbrella of “ordinary, necessary, and reasonable” expenses that contribute to a company’s income. These expenses