Legal Trends Report: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know

Legal Trends Report
The Legal Trends Report for 2018 has been released by Clio, and includes an abundance of information to help your law firm thrive. Up-to-date, in-depth consumer analyses, data on hourly rates and efficiency metrics, and how to assemble and relate this information to help your firm prosper. Data from tens of thousands of legal professionals

Triple Threat: Xero, Gusto, and Time Tracker

time tracking for timesheets
Does the idea of saving 10 or more hours a month on payroll appeal to you? How about being able to access and track your employee time, reports, and timesheets from anywhere and from any device? How about pairing your current tracking software with similar apps whose features complement and enhance the ones that are

Top Challenges of Payroll Processing and What to Do About Them

Payroll Processing Challenges
On the surface, managing your company’s payroll seems relatively straightforward. You collect and report hours worked and calculated wages owed, then send out paychecks and update your records. But issues can arise that may have financially devastating consequences. The demand for meticulous, accurate tracking, calculations, and reporting means that even a tiny error could cause

Why Lawyers are Raving about Time Tracker + Clio

Time Tracker for Lawyers
As a lawyer, your time is already limited. This precious commodity is spent on hours both in the office and courtroom, as well on all of the work you take home at the end of the day. Time Tracker helps by being totally mobile; you can use its features on the go at any time

Time Saving Tips for Business Owners

time saving tips
As a business owner, free time is hard to come by. Instead, there seems to be an endless stream of deadlines to hit, and a sense that there is never enough time for everything that needs to be accomplished in a day. What are some of the ways in which you can better manage your

Tips for Staying on Top of Time Tracking

Time tracking tips
Whether you work from home or an office, tracking your time for effective billing and project planning is mandatory. Exact time tracking ensures that all employees’ hours are accounted for so that they are paid fairly, and any deficits and profit losses can be addressed quickly and efficiently. You need to know how much of