ADP time tracking
Are you looking to increase your productivity? Wondering if there is a program out there that can help your business meet its needs? Drive business growth and make things easier for yourself with ADP Mobile Solutions.  This mobile app is self-service, accessible from anywhere, and allows users to view and update employee information on-the-go. Need
Have you ever wondered if there was more you could do to help strengthen your valued customer relationships? More and more companies of all sizes are gaining a personal edge and giving thanks to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  CRM is a great approach to help manage your transportation business’s valued relationships with customers old
sustainability in the workplace
Small changes are all you need to make a significant, positive impact on the environmental impact of your workplace. In the transportation industry, sustainability is more important than ever. Although transportation is massively driving economic growth, its negative footprint offsets the benefits. It’s easy to know how to implement green solutions in your home, but
transportation and logistics
The transport and logistics industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Driven by market trends, the newest technological trends are revolutionizing this sector. This is unprecedented: there has not been a time in recent history where transport and logistics has been transformed socially, economically, environmentally, and technologically.  These changes are exciting, but make it difficult to

How to Prevent Buddy Punching in Your Business

Prevent budding punching
Time theft remains a huge problem for businesses all over the globe. And it isn’t just employees who engage in this kind of fraud; employers are also perpetrators of this crime when they fail to compensate for overtime hours, or pay less than minimum wage. Workers can steal wages and time with timesheet fraud and
time clock kiosk
Surely you’ve heard of our new Time Clock Kiosk. Have you been wondering if this great new feature is right for your company? Let’s take you through some of the reasons you will want to add this feature to your current business practice! If you have been looking for additional ways to simplify your payroll