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Tips for Staying on Time and Budget During the Holidays

staying on time and budget
Most of us have a hard time sticking to a budget during the holiday season, and find that our time seems to slip away unnoticed. With an increase in commitments which crosses over from the personal to the professional, it is especially important to know how to slow things down so that it is possible

Top Payroll Issues That Will Negatively Impact Your Business

payroll issues
We remind you a lot in this blog, but that’s because it’s true–payroll is the most important piece of running a successful business. It is an integral part of organizations around the world, in any industry which employs people. Financial stability, ensuring fair wages, and strict compliance to city and state laws are vital to

The Importance of Time Tracking for Payroll and Compliance

payroll compliance
In a quiz about time management by Forbes magazine, a full 69% of the 7000+ respondents said that they weren’t tracking their time. 50% of those who took the quiz also admitted that a full quarter of their time at work was wasted. That’s a pretty good sample size, and the statistics are perhaps unsurprising,

How Much Do You Know About European Commerce? Take Our Quiz

commerce quiz
Think you’re up to speed on what’s happening within the European Union with current payroll and financial trends? Take our quiz, and see how you do! You might find that what you learn can help your understanding of trends in the place where you live. Find out how to project your own financial growth by
payroll outsourcing
Are you considering outsourcing some of your accounting needs? If you’re being overrun with paperwork and find that small errors in calculations are costing your business time and money, it’s certainly time to consider alternative solutions. But what questions should you be asking before you make the switch? When it comes to sensitive and confidential

XeroCon: What You Need to Know Before You Go

It’s that time of year again–XeroCon is coming to London! Check out the venue, exhibitors, schedule, speakers and more before you come and see what’s new and cutting-edge in the world of cloud accounting. Familiarise yourself with the top tech that will work best for you and your business, get to know peers and industry