Time Tracker: Enhancing Santa and His Elves 

Time Tracker
Oh, what a wonderful year it has been with so many cookies, magical toy-making activities and joy in the air. Last Christmas was such a delight – Santa, Mrs Claus, the reindeer and elves all worked so well together that they managed to free up a little time-off to hang up the sleigh bells before
tax compliance
Not every business owner can be a tax accountant, of course—and should not try to be. But without awareness and attention to what tax compliance requires, your business can’t even provide the information and documentation that your tax professionals need to do their job. Without tax compliance knowledge, some pivotal business decisions, including the structure
Architecture Firm
Architects and their firms, today, are looking out over a very different landscape—and not the landscape surrounding their latest building. It is the landscape for marketing and sales in their industry created by “life online”— the world of digital marketing on the internet, via email, and the related opportunities they open. Does that mean that
Lock Time Periods
Admins and Managers can now lock specific time periods so time cannot be added, edited or removed. Locking time can be important if the pay period is over, projects are complete or a client has been billed. “Lock Time Periods” in 3 easy steps: Step 1 Go to the “Entries” tab and click on “Lock

Sync Your Google Calendar with Time Tracker

Chrome Extension
Turn your Google calendar events into time entries with Time Tracker’s Chrome extension and save even more time! Once synced you can track client meetings and events in Time Tracker with just one click. Getting started is simple:  Step 1 Go to the Google Chrome store and click “Add to Chrome”. Step 2 Go to your
billable utilization
Achieving a high billable rate and maintaining it is the holy grail of most architecture firms, technology solution providers, and many other businesses. And it should be because increasing billable utilization is the best opportunity to increase company profitability by influencing employee behavior to make good use of allocated time.   According to the U.S. Department