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Everything You Need to Know About Legalweek Before You Go

Legalweek will be here before you know it, so it’s time to familiarize yourself with all of the fantastic keynotes, workshops, attendees, exhibitors and conferences that will be featured this year. This will be the largest legal event of the year, showcasing all kinds of new and exciting technology to complement the needs of you

Here’s Why You May Want to Become an eBillity Advisor

eBillity Advisor Program
Would you like to help your clients be more organized while you earn a 20% commission? Become an eBillity advisor today and join our loyal team of bookkeepers and accountants who are helping their clients save time and money. Using Time Tracker and Invoice Tracker saves time for both the accountant and the bookkeeper, as

Tips For Accurately Estimating Your Next Project

Project Estimating
Project management is important for expanding your business. You need to understand the processes and steps to take for each job requested from your clients, to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. Knowing how to meet your customers’ needs, as well as balancing those needs with those laid out in your budget and management plan
Santa Time Tracker
In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas, and shoppers everywhere are rushing home with their treasures. Luckily, everyone at the North Pole is on target and stress-free, because they are using their time trackers to stay on schedule with the toy-making, Christmas baking, gift wrapping, washing the sleigh, and reindeer grooming. That’s right–Santa himself

Tips for Staying on Time and Budget During the Holidays

staying on time and budget
Most of us have a hard time sticking to a budget during the holiday season, and find that our time seems to slip away unnoticed. With an increase in commitments which crosses over from the personal to the professional, it is especially important to know how to slow things down so that it is possible

Top Payroll Issues That Will Negatively Impact Your Business

payroll issues
We remind you a lot in this blog, but that’s because it’s true–payroll is the most important piece of running a successful business. It is an integral part of organizations around the world, in any industry which employs people. Financial stability, ensuring fair wages, and strict compliance to city and state laws are vital to