ACH Payments Now Available

You can now offer an alternative payment method that will cost you less and give your clients another way to pay! ACH payments, in addition to credit cards, is now available, all you need is a Stripe and bank account. An automated clearing house (ACH) is a financial transaction network that allows for electronic payments

You Can Now Customize Your Dashboard!

Dashboard Settings
At eBillity we know one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you are a professional services company tracking time for client billing, a construction company tracking employee time at different job sites, or a payroll clerk reconciling employee time, you most likely track time differently. And because you track time differently we wanted to provide the

10 Time Management Tips Every Retailer Needs to Know

Time management tips
Retail managers wear many hats and therefore could use these time management tips. They are essentially the face of the store and are responsible for making sure consumers have a positive experience. Managing employees, keeping up with inventory, managing finances, and keeping the store presentable are just a few of the hats retail managers wear. 

Solving the Challenges of a Mobile Workforce: Time Tracking

mobile workforce
Using a mobile workforce offers unique challenges–including challenges that weren’t a problem just a few short years ago, when employees had to check in with a brick and mortar office in order to go to work each day. Globally, by 2023, mobile workers are on track to make up more than 43% of the workforce.

6 Secrets of Fast-Growing Manufacturers

manufacturers time tracking
Have you ever wondered how some of today’s top manufacturers seem to gain industry stardom overnight? Companies such as Honest Company, PopSockets, and others are examples of manufacturers that quickly evolved from non-existent to industry sensations in a matter of a year or two. And while no two manufacturers are exactly alike, there are best practices to
Customer Conversions
Generating new leads is a tricky business, especially for online businesses who have a ton of competition. How much time are you spending on lead generation? How does this compare when you add in the cost of staffing and marketing? When shipping is part of the cost of your services, you may already know that