How Secure is Time Tracking Software?

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In a world where we are constantly uploading and transferring our data online, it is natural to worry about the security of our information. This concern becomes more pressing in regards to business goods: how can we be sure that the confidential electronic statistics, documents, facts, and figures of a company are protected? Time tracking

Tips for Improving Time Management in Your Law Firm

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Work in the legal sector demands long hours and unrelenting client requests. Your firm has to meet each and every deadline, quickly and efficiently. Your attention to detail is unswervingly meticulous. Have you considered giving the same amount of consideration to your time and how it is used? The 2016 Legal Trends Report investigated the
Invoice Tracker
You have been tracking your time with Time Tracker to ensure you are billing actual time and it has started to improve profitability, however did you know that 82% of businesses that go out of business failed because of cash flow problems. According to The Atradius Group 48.8% of all invoices are paid late and
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You may be excellent at what you do, but are you holding your business back with simple accounting mistakes? We’re not talking about mathematical errors. There are several missed opportunities within accounting that prevent businesses from running smoothly and limit their growth. Accounting mistakes make processes more complicated and time-consuming than necessary. Fortunately, most business

The Top 10 Business Apps to Increase Productivity

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Today’s top entrepreneurs know that building business is about efficiency. It’s important that you maintain productivity as you grow. Otherwise, profitability falls apart. The most successful corporate professionals are taking advantage of tools that help maintain productivity and improve profitability. When you make business processes easier, you can focus on what matters the most. Here

Time Tracking Apps Reduce Time Theft

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Time theft is when an employee is paid for time they did not work either intentionally or by mistake and can include: time tracking errors, frequent breaks, exaggerated hours, and more. A survey by Software Advice reports that 43 per cent of employees exaggerate hours and the American Payroll Association estimates that the average employee