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About Time Tracker

Time Tracker is a web-based software application that allows users to efficiently manage, track and bill for their time. It’s a secure, web-based tool for professionals and freelancers and has everything you need for business accounting and payroll.

Make time or expense entries, create invoices, and receive payments, integrate with your software, download free mobile and web apps.

  • It’s cloud-based affordability and security. Because Time Tracker is web-based, it saves an estimated $17K per year (based on 3-5 person firms) over in-house tracking options. No expensive servers, data security, and tech support payroll. And you get “triple data protection” with firewalls, SSL Encryption & automatic data backups to multiple
  • Hosted on Amazon S3 Servers.
  • Online or offline, anytime, anywhere accessibility.
  • Complete data and user privacy. Only users with valid permissions are given access to confidential company information, customers and projects.
  • Unlimited customer service. Call or email for fast and reliable US-based support.
  • Anyone who bills by the hour – or project – for their service: lawyers, consultants, accountants, designers, programmers, tradespeople and other professionals.
  • Small firms or service providers that need to bill by the hour and track expenses for multiple customers, projects and activities.
  • 2- to 5-person law firms that are too small to afford full-time tech resources and in-house data hosting and security, and tech support payroll.
  • Freelancers who need to track and bill for their time and expenses, and want to invoice, send auto invoice reminders and receive payments with one system.

Freelancers and other professionals hate accounting for their work time and chasing down client payments. They’d rather spend their time doing billable work. Time Tracker automates 90% of time-tracking through invoicing and payment process, so professionals can focus on what they do best: making money.

  • As an affiliate eBillity pays you 40% of customer subscription fees that you refer to Time Tracker via your affiliate link
  • The average monthly subscription fee (transaction size) for a Time Tracker customer is $81
  • This means you could earn up to $1,166 over the course of 3 years for each referred customer
  • There is no limit on the number of customers you can refer to Time Tracker

The market for a tool like Time Tracker is enormous!

  • High Growth in SAAS (Software As A Service) category
    • One of the fastest growing segments in the software industry
    • Estimated compound annual growth rate of 11.4%
    • 25% of new business software will be delivered as SAAS
  • Increase in SAAS Usage Rates
    • Technology is becoming more stable and secure
    • 88% of organizations are planning on either maintaining their current usage or increasing their usage
  • More small businesses are implementing or planning to use SAAS in the future
  • Service professionals and small businesses (SOHO)
  • Lawyers, accountants, personal trainers, designers, IT professionals, web developers
  • Temporary placement or consulting firms, especially 1 to 5 person firms.
  • Time Tracker has an advanced feature set that scales for firms with hundreds of members.

We have Time Tracker clients all around the World including North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Time Tracker supports 45 different currencies.

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