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We think of our advisor program as one big ecosystem with hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers working together, collectively, to save their clients time and money whilst helping each other grow.

As a trusted Advisor you will benefit from:

  • A free Time Tracker and Invoice Tracker account*
  • A 20% commission on all activated client accounts
  • Your own Account Manager
  • Receive a ‘Trusted Advisors’ badge for your website or email signature
  • An eBrochure to help you share the benefits with your clients
  • Advanced access to new features and integrations
  • Access to unlimited free phone, live chat, and email support
  • 24/7 hour access to our online help center
  • Invites to live webinars and demos

* You must sign up three new clients per year to maintain your free account

What you need to know about Time Tracker

Track time for payroll, invoicing and productivity with Time Tracker

eBillity’s Time Tracker is a world-class product trusted by thousands of companies to record employee hours for payroll and accounting. When you recommend Time Tracker you can rest assured your clients are in good hands.

What your clients can do with Time Tracker:

  • Track time from any device, anywhere
  • Manage employee paid and unpaid breaks
  • Set timesheet reminders and overtime alerts
  • Enter time in blocks with weekly timesheets
  • Know who is working and where with GPS tracking
  • Get access to free mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Approve employee timesheets and automatically sync with your software (if enabled)
  • Capture expenses with a mobile device and attach receipt images to client invoices
  • Connect Time Tracker with payroll, expense and accounting integrations
  • Gain insights on where time goes, who your most productive employees are and learn which clients are making – or costing – you the most money

What you need to know about Invoice Tracker

Don't let unpaid invoices harm your clients’ business

Invoice Tracker

Invoice Tracker is eBillity’s latest product, designed to help SMBs with their accounts receivable by sending automated email reminders. With invoice tracking software, businesses can improve their cash flow, save time, and maintain client relationships. It’s a known fact that the sooner an invoice is sent the sooner you'll get paid.

What your clients can do with Invoice Tracker:

  • Create an invoice reminder set using the customizable pre-written email templates
  • Insert variables like Amount due, Due date, Invoice number and more
  • Send reminders before payments are due, on the due date, and if payments are late
  • Keep it professional with your branding, logo and email signature
  • Allow your clients to pay bills directly from the invoice using Stripe online payments
  • Automatic reconciliation of all payment transactions from your accounting software
  • See in real-time if your clients have viewed your email reminder and paid their invoice
  • Generate reports detailing the state of your accounts receivable
  • Secure cloud 256-bit data encryption with backup so you have access 24/7

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Time Tracker

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  1. Signup for a free Time Tracker account
  2. Apply to the advisor program (allow 24-48 hours for approval)

When your application is accepted your Time Tracker account will be changed from a free trial to a free annual account and you will receive a welcome package with:

  • The name of your Account Manager
  • Information on how to track your 20% commission
  • A choice of logos to be used on your website or email signature so you get credited and paid for any referrals that come from your tracking code
  • Collateral that can be used to circulate to your clients, around your office or on your website