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Employee time tracking

For ADP Workforce Now® and RUN Powered by ADP® .

Track time from anywhere
Employees can track time from their mobile and tablet devices, desktop and laptop too.  Our free apps – iOS, Android, Outlook add-in and work offline will help your team track time for payroll more simply. 

Easy timesheet approvals
Stay on top of timesheets with our approval workflow. Review and approve employee entries from the comfort of your own dashboard. 

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Connect and sync in minutes

Connect your ADP app

Reduce data entry, clerical errors and paper timesheets –  connect your ADP® account with Time Tracker. Connection takes less than five minutes and we’ll even do it for you!

For RUN Powered by ADP®
Connect your RUN account and sync your employees to Time Tracker, send automated invites and get your team tracking time. Using our admin approval workflow easily review and approve time entries before syncing with RUN for payroll.

For ADP Workforce Now®
With ADP Workforce Now® and Time Tracker you’re able to create new employees easily. Simply create in one and sync to share your new employee with the other. No more duplicate data and no more data entry.

Your team is now free to track time and submit timesheets from anywhere. The admin can easily review and approve timesheets before syncing with ADP Workforce Now® for faster payroll.

ADP® specialist, Joe Daee

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Flexible and reliable features

Be more efficient
Save yourself hours in administration and let Time Tracker do the heavy lifting. Send automated time entry reminders, set roles and permissions, assign tasks and more.

Secure backups
Time Tracker is securely connected to the cloud with automatic backups. So, if you lose connection, your entries will automatically sync to your account once your device is back online.

Productivity reports
Know which employees are your most productive, create customized reports to view job costings and generate accurate time entry reports in seconds.

Fast, easy payroll and accounting

Integration is free and we'll help you every step of the way.

Don’t see your software here? We also offer a free uncapped REST API, allowing you to easily integrate with your existing software providers.


“Our staff like using Time Tracker to enter their time and we enjoy the ease of processing payroll!
“I am thrilled that our employees are using Time Tracker, and submitting their timesheets on time!



“I need to be honest, Time Tracker has been AMAZING!!! The support from eBility has been nothing short of top notch.

Conveniently track time

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