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"I manage a remote team so keeping track of their hours is time consuming, but then I found Time Tracker. It's super easy for my team to use, I can easily access the information I need to make business decisions and I'm now billing accurately!"
Ryann McQuarrie, MD, Bully Design Co.

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Track time from any device

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Enjoy the freedom of tracking time from any device, anywhere with eBillity's time tracking software – keep track of time on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices, you can even work offline! Create time entries, run multi-timers and enter work schedules in blocks with our weekly timesheets.

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Time Tracker
Time Tracking Software

Work together with your team

They track. You approve.

Employees track time from anywhere and submit their entries for review. All time entries conveniently appear on the admins dashboard where they can approve, edit or reject with notes.

Approved timesheets are used to process payroll, create client invoices or they can be synced with your integrated software. 

Don’t need to approve timesheets? Easily disable with a click of a button.

Stay organized, on track, and work better as a team

Now with GPS tracking.

Save hours in administration and chasing employee timesheets, manage your team more efficiently and know where they were when they logged time. Easily send automated time entry reminders, set roles, and permissions, send single or group messages, and verify your employee's location.

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Time entry reminders

Time entry reminders

Time tracking role permissions

Roles & permissions

Team Messaging

Team messaging

GPS tracking

Accurate time and billing

Generate branded invoices in four clicks.

Keeping track of time and work-related expenses can be a pain, especially if you’re on the move. With Time Tracker + Billing, you and your employees can easily submit accurate time and expense entries for faster and effortless billing. 

  • Bill time and expenses from anywhere
  • Instant online payments
  • Branded client portal

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Time and billing
Multilingual time tracking


Multiple currencies

Multiple currencies

Global time zones

Global Time Zones

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Time tracking reports

Valuable insights

Learn where time goes.

Discover where your time goes with eBillity's time tracking software. Generate reports that show your most productive employees, see how much time you’ve spent on each customer and identify which customers are earning you the most money. 

Generate expense entry reports to see what employees need reimbursement and easily view the status of client invoices. 

Attorney-friendly features

Built for lawyers.

Time Tracker + Legal was designed for law firms and gives lawyers access to a full suite of legal features, like pre-loaded ABA codes, LEDES and LSS invoicing formats, as well as a conflict checker, Trust Account management and Realization Reports.

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Time Tracker + Billing

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