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Time tracking for payroll and billing

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time tracking software

Time tracking software

Track time from any device, anywhere!

With Time Tracker your team can track time from anywhere, even offline. Every account includes web access and free apps for iOS and Android.

Our time tracking software is securely connected to the cloud and runs automatic backups, so if you lose your internet connection the time entry will automatically sync once your device is back online.

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Countries tracking time

Time Tracker

Automate your time tracking

Save 10+ hours in administration every month.

At eBillity we believe every team is unique which is why we designed our time tracking software with flexible options:

  • Clock in/out, schedule breaks and manage employee overtime with time cards
  • Add time entries in blocks with weekly timesheets
  • Know Who is on the Clock and where with GPS tracking, drill down to see an employees activity in detail
  • Have your employees clock in and out from multiple locations with our time clock kiosk
  • Approve, edit, or reject submitted time entries before you run payroll

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Pricing starts at $4 per user/month + base fee


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Pricing starts at $8 per user/month + base fee

Time Tracker +Billing

Turn time in to money

Increase your billable hours by up to 20%

Time Tracker's +Billing account allows you to track time and expense together for accurate client invoicing.

  • Generate branded client invoices in 3 clicks
  • Capture every second worked and switch between projects and clients with timers
  • Manage multiple timers and clients with daily timesheets
  • Automate expenses; upload an image of a receipt and attach to an invoice
  • Integrate with Stripe and receive online payments
  • Allow your client's access to your branded portal to view their completed work and view/pay invoices

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Gain valuable insights with our real-time reports

Every Time Tracker account includes detailed reports so you can make informed decisions.

Time tracking reports

Export reports
Reports can be exported into nine different formats

real-time edits

Real time edits
Edit line items and the report will save automatically and regenerate itself

time tracking reports

Receive emails
Activate auto-reporting to generate (and email) a report based on rules you set

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“I like the simplicity of this time tracking and management tool. Its interface is organized and easy to understand. Using it, we are able to allocate time and deadlines to various departments in the workplace, which boosts productivity.


Managing Director
“Time Tracker has allowed all of our offices across the country to enter time for billing in one concise format which makes not only billing simpler but the task of tracking time simpler without extra spreadsheets or non-integrated software packages. Very happy that we found Time Tracker!

Anthony B

Civil Engineering
“My experience with Time Tracker has been excellent, it has only surprised me with how effective it is. This software is very easy to understand – User-friendly and efficient. It has successful upgrades and has only gotten better over the years.


Staff Accountant